Monday, August 31, 2009

Say Hey

I heard this infectuous little ditty on the radio late last week, and I am hooked. What a fun little song!

It's sort of Latin/reggae/pop/funk all-in-one. iTunes lists it as "alternative." I just call it fun.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's All Greek To Me

I've been craving Greek food, so yesterday, I did a big ole shopping trip, and today, I did the cooking.

Actually, I made a big mess, but I also made a yummy meal.

I made Tzaziki sauce (yogurt, cucumber, garlic, fresh dill--yum!), stuffed zucchini (ground beef, zucchini pulp, dill, parsley, rice, onion stuffed into zucchini shells), and yogurt chicken. Everything turned out marvelous, and I have enough to keep me fed for the next 2-3 days of lunches and dinners.

Like I said, it was messy, but it was worth it. Now my kitchen is clean, my fridge is stocked, and I'm ready to relax with Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and four furring purries.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady (AGAIN): Day 1

Mom and Dad are driving to Utah tomorrow to visit my aunt and uncle, then up to Idaho to see my brother, his wife, and their kids. They'll be gone a week, so they called on me to babysit the Kindergatos.

They drove to my place today with Bella and Duchess in tow, and arrived looking slightly revolted, saying, "One of them pooped."

Turns out it was Duchess. It's always Duchess. See, she has these fabulous fuzzy buns. Add a little poo and a closed-up cat carrier, and you've got Poozy Buns. We let her out of the carrier, and she immediately ran to hide under my bed, leaving little pooplettes in her wake. I set about picking them up with a paper towel, and then we scared her out and dipped her in the bathtub.

She was not happy.

Bella, meanwhile, hid under my bed, cowering and hoping she wouldn't get a bath, too. It's her lucky day.

Mom and Dad closed themselves in the bathroom with a crying Duchess, and I went around looking for pooplettes. A few minutes later the door open and Duchess emerged, her back half looking rather like a drowned rat. Turns out her gorgeous, fluffy tail is actually a skinny little thing when it's not puffed out in its full glory.

Bewildered and humiliated, and smelling of John Frieda's Simply Blonde shampoo, Duckie darted under my bed to join her sister, and both have been there since. I suppose in a little while they'll emerge, looking for food and water. That's the usual pattern when they come to stay.

Let the good times roll.

Cool Art

I've been reading Jezebel this morning, and I just came across this picture on the main page:

I'm not usually a huge fan of modern art, but this picture is striking and beautiful. It's graffiti art, which has always fascinated me. A Google search isn't turning up very much about the artist, but Gawker lists the artist as "Cern One."

Friday, August 28, 2009


Right on schedule, at 8:59 PDT, the shuttle Discovery launched into space with not one problem.

Congratulations, Jose--Stockton is proud of you!

I'll be following his Twitter updates for the next two weeks, and hoping that the Discovery crew stays safe and has a problem-free return to Earth.

Hello, Sexy

While I wait for the shuttle Discovery to launch (looks like it's a go for tonight!), I thought I'd put some pictures of a very sexy boy on my blog. Okay, so he's not a boy, he's two years older than me. And yes, he's from Keane. He's Richard, the drummer, photographer, blogger, guy-with-a-social-conscience, vegetarian. He is all kinds of funny and adorable in live interviews. He has cats.

Oh, and he's BRITISH.

I present to you some of my favorite pictures, found via Google Image Search. Enjoy. : )

Shoot For the Moon

...even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Launch cleared for tonight.

Stockton waits tonight with great anticipation to see if Jose Hernandez will finally make his dream complete--a dream born when he was 17 years old, working the fields in California with his family.

"I was hoeing a row of sugar beets in a field near Stockton, Calif., and I heard on my transistor radio that Franklin Chang-Diaz had been selected for the Astronaut Corps," says Hernandez, who was a senior in high school at the time.

"I was already interested in science and engineering," Hernandez remembers, "but that was the moment I said, 'I want to fly in space.' And that's something I've been striving for each day since then."

From Jose Hernandez Official Page

Barring anymore frustrating delays, Jose will take off at 8:59 PDT tonight. I plan to tune into the NASA Channel to watch.

You see, Jose isn't just from Stockton--he attended one of the schools I teach at. He lived in the same area as my students--Mexican-Americans with the same hurdles he leapt over. Both of my schools are holding him up as an example of what hard work, positive attitude, and a big heart can do for a person. So I really hope he gets his lift-off tonight. Because his dreams are the dreams I have for my kids--that they, too, will grow up to be astronauts, or doctors, or teachers, or just happy, productive people.

Safe journey, Jose. Stockton is cheering for you, and watching from here on Earth.

De alcanzar la luna. Incluso si lo pierdes, te encontrarĂ¡s entre las estrellas.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yo Mama

Today, I called Dad after school, to let him know that I was hanging out at Big O tires, getting my left front checked out. It looked a little low a few days ago, so I figured it best to have the pros look at it--the tires are only a few months old, and under warranty.

Anyway, we chatted for a few minutes, and then I asked if he'd heard from Mom today.

Mom left on Sunday for a week-long retreat with some ladies from the Lincoln Hills Needle Arts Group. For those who don't know, my parents live in a Del Webb community for people 55 and older. They love it. Dad is president of the Veteran's Affairs Group, and Mom is very active in Needle Arts (particularly the quilting branch).

Anyway, Mom and some other ladies are at Lake Tahoe, and every conversation I've had with her this week has been filled with all the fun she's having. They do "Show and Tell" when projects are finished, and have a lot of fun and laughs.

Back to Dad--I asked if he'd talked to Mom and he said, "Yeah, and she said something really out of character."

"What's that?"

"Well, she...oh, I'll let her tell you."

"DAD! Don't leave me hanging like this!"

"Nah, she should tell you. It's her story."

"Is it good or bad?"

"I'll let you be the judge of that."

"Grr! Dad!!"

Shortly after this exchange, we said our "I-love-you-goodbyes" and I immediately called Mom on her cell.


Mom just laughed and said,

...are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Okay, she said,

"I went parasailing this morning!"


"I actually went parasailing!"

"PICTURES, LADY, OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!" I was shouting and laughing into the phone, standing outside Big O Tires.

Mom isn't a parasailing type, really (if there is a type for these things). But yesterday, her friend Plain Jane, who lives by the motto, "All problems can be fixed with feathers," walked into the sewing room and said, "Who wants to go parasailing with me tomorrow?"

I'll just insert here that Jane is 84. Mom is 63.

The ladies all thought she was joking, but, oh, no. Jane was serious. So they signed up, and this morning, a group of ladies took turns parasailing. Apparently it's awesome, and yes, there are pictures. Which I will get my hands on, and I will post them here at the LPB.

My mom rocks!

Crystal Renn

I'm tired and have dinner on the stove, so I present this awesome article about Crystal Renn, a plus-size model, without much comment.

She wrote a book about her journey from being a teeny-tiny model to a size 12 plus-size model. It's called "Hungry," and it might just be worth checking out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Productive Evening

Today, I finally organized a large To Do List in one of my notebooks that I haul around from school to school. And tonight, I actually thought to pull it out and get some stuff crossed off. Here's what I've accomplished:

1. Make two doctor appointments

One is a routine physical with my general physician, to let her know I've lost 25 pounds (so far) and to talk about my need for anti-depressents. I feel so much better these days, but would kind of like to stay on them. I believe the working out helps me in a lot of big ways, but still, I'm prone to panic and stress attacks, so...

I also made an appointment to get a Pap smear and HPV test in October. I don't have a ton to worry about on that score, but it's been about three years, and I figure keeping up with the ovaries and other various female parts is never a bad thing. Plus, I want to discuss birth control pill options because the current one just isn't working for my acne.

TMI? Sorry.

2. Emergency Lesson Plans

One of my school sites require us to turn in an emergency lesson plan, just in case there comes a day when we can't make it to school and have no way of delivering lesson plans. So tonight I made a music work packet (crossword puzzle, word find, and musical math problems). Tomorrow I'll copy a bunch of them and put them in a folder with the sub instructions I also typed up, copies of my seating charts, and answer keys. Then I'll turn them in to Mrs. Assistant Principal so she can have them on hand.

3. Lesson for Tomorrow

I've been printing my lesson plans and keeping them in a binder, so I got that done tonight for the next two days (I'll do the same lesson tomorrow and Friday, because I'm at two different schools). I made a crossword puzzle for the elements of music, which we're diving into now, and now I just need to burn a Leonard Bernstein song onto a CD for my listening example.

4. Various Business Stuff

Somehow, in the year I've been working here, I never did get my check onto direct deposit. I've been receiving an actual check in the mail, which means I'm at the mercy of the mail carrier--and the mail carrier is always late on Pay Day, meaning I'm ready for my check at 2:00, and he/she is not here 'til 4:45.

So I filled out the form, voided a check, and stuck it all in an envelope to send through district mail tomorrow.

I also pulled out two sets of transcripts that the district might not have for me. I'm FOUR units away from moving over one column on the salary schedule (that's a few grand a year), so I want to make sure, if they don't have these transcripts, that I'm allowed to move over.

And if they do have those transcripts already, I'm so taking Underwater Basket-Weaving or some such thing this year to get those four units.

5. Update the Planner

I have one of those massive student planners (that starts in August instead of January) that I haul around with me everywhere I go. I updated a few dates and listed those doctor appointments so I don't forget.

6. Food

I threw together a salad and a baggie of almonds for tomorrow's lunch, and cooked some turkey sausage and hard-boiled eggs to use for breakfast for the remainder of the week. I'll eat one egg, three small pieces of sausage and some cereal each morning. I find that making breakfast my big meal gets me off to a good start and helps me make it to snack and lunch time. I took some ground turkey out of the freezer so that tomorrow night I can make chili. I cleaned the kitchen counters, loaded the dishwasher, and will run it tonight.

7. Blogging

I skipped yesterday--I simply didn't have any inspiration to write. Tonight, either, which is why you're getting a list of everything I've accomplished.

Fear not--the Kindergatos are coming to stay for a week on Saturday, and having four cats and one human in a 750-square-foot apartment will yield all kinds of stories and Kodak Moments. Bella and Duchess love Millie, but still aren't quite sure how they feel about Harley. I think they're leaning towards active dislike, which is one step up from open warfare.

The litter boxes will be in constant need of attention, and I will sweat my way through each night with four cats on and off the bed, but I don't mind. I love the furbabies!

With that, my next accomplishment is...

A Shower and Bedtime

Six o'clock comes way too early.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I just found this gem, recorded in June, in my YouTube videos. I never got around to posting it here. Better late than never, right?

You might notice the background music. That's "Sunshine" by Keane playing on my iTunes. But the real star of this video is, of course, Ms. Millennium Joy. She does love getting brushed.


There's not a whole lot going on in my life that is out-of-the-ordinary, so I figured I'd share some headlines I've found, and my thoughts on them.

Is Oasis Overrated?

I might just be one of the only huge fans of British pop/rock music to say this: I really can't find much about Oasis to like. Even "Wonderwall." I might get flamed for saying it, but I'm not a big fan of their music, and I'm even less a fan of the Gallagher brothers, period. What a couple of spoiled, misogynistic twats they are.

The Guardian asked today, "Oasis: Is it really over?" Seems that rumors are flying that the Gallagher brothers, Liam (who "likes to break things") and Noel (whose list of girlfriends/wifes/affairs reads like a Who's Who book) are no longer speaking. They take seperate flights to their gigs (as opposed to, you know, sitting far apart on the same flight) and stay in separate hotels when they get there.

They must be a JOY to be in a band with.

So yep. I'm gonna say it. Overrated. In my humblest of opinions, of course.

Half Moon in Stockton

This one just made me giggle: "Mooning Suspect Charged in Stockton."

Apparently, this woman was at the courthose to support her daughter-in-law, who had defrauded an elderly couple. Said elderly couple were in the elevator with momma-in-law, and she intimidated them by exposing her right buttock.

Prosecutors said claims came to light this month that Patterson allegedly made faces and exposed her right buttocks and thigh as she shared an elevator with the couple at the courthouse last November. She is also accused of telling the couple to kiss her rear end.

To the person who had to write this little news flash: Did you draw the short straw, or something?


And so it starts...again.

'Lethal levels' of anesthetic propofol killed Michael Jackson

Pride in Stock-Town

"Local Astronaut to Tweet in Two Languages in Space."

A local man, Jose Hernandez, will be going up in space tonight. He is a graduate of Franklin High School, and a son of immigrants who grew up in the general area where I teach. He is also a graduate of University of the Pacific.

Stockton USD is watching this with a ton of interest.


Sure, people. Make me miss London MORE, why don'tcha.

London cash machines go Cockney. This is all kinds of awesome! I'd so use this feature!

I think it's milk and honey.

(That would be Meg-Cockney for "funny.")

And on that note...good night and good luck.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daddy Didn't Raise No Fool

A few days ago, Dad forwarded an email to me about a phishing scam that is using USAA (our auto insurer and credit card company) to get personal info from unsuspecting consumers.

I replied with a simple, "Common sense says that USAA has NO use for my PIN. : )"

Within minutes, I'd received a reply:

"That's my girl!!!"

I am my father's daughter. : )


A couple months ago, I started putting labels on my blog posts. As I've been blogging here at the LPB for five years, I have a ton of back posts that aren't labelled. Slowly but surely, I've started going through them to label them. Last night, I started at the very beginning of my blog--those first posts from England. It's been fun re-reading them. How much I loved Burnham! How much I still miss it.

Anyway, I'm also going through and uploading pictures. Back in those days, I didn't use the picture upload feature on my blog, but rather did the ole "img src= " code, and uploaded my pictures to PictureTrail. Also, this was before I went digital, so some of my pictures will not be on the blog, because I haven't scanned them, and I've long since gotten rid of all those picture CDs. (Hey, I've moved at least 4 times since coming back from England!)

Of course, this got expensive, paying for a PictureTrail account large enough to hold my many pictures. As I deleted some to make room for others, my blog would get those dreaded red X's.

So I'm going through and uploading pictures properly, for posterity. Not that I really expect people to read my blog posts from five years ago. But if you are interested, they're kind of fun. I was younger, more naive, and so excited to be back in my beloved England. And some of the pictures are pretty cool...especially if you find the thought of me groping a picture of Kevin Spacey's chest hair funny.

Why am I doing this? I don't know. Something to do on a lazy Sunday. Bringing attention to the older posts in my blog, perhaps. Nostalgia. It's kind of fun, actually.

A Doodle of a Birthday

Happy Birthday, Harley Dude!

That's right, folks. Today, my baby is...*sob* longer a baby. He turns one year old today, and is now officially a tomcat. Well, kind of (he's neutered).

He will, however, always be my Little Dude, my Doodlebug, my Baby Boy.

Here's to many more birthdays for my Orange Creamsicle!


Harley was abandoned by his mother cat, so there really is no way of truly knowing when, exactly, he was born. August 23 was a best-guess date by Lodi Animal Friends, and I have adopted it as his birthday just to mark the years. I don't know Millie's real birthday, either, but gave her September 5th because it was my grandmother's birthday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adaptive Motion Trainer

This is the new machine that my gym has started putting in--and it's awesome.

You can use it like an elliptical, or for a running motion, or for a stair-stepping motion. The hand bars move, for a whole-body workout.

This thing is INTENSE, but I did 30 minutes at a level 5 today. My toes were tingling when I finished (they used to do that on the elliptical, too, but don't anymore) and I was drenched in sweat. I had burned abaout 360 calories in 30 minutes.

I approve!


Woohoo! I'm so excited.

One of my all-time favorite bands, Train, is playing at A Day in the Zone in Sacramento. Tickets went on sale today--for $10.05 (because A Day in the Zone is 100.5 on the dial). Train, of course, is the group that brought me my theme song, and my newest craze, Hey Soul Sister.

Summer is going with me, so that will be fun.

That's in September--in October, I'm going to see Snow Patrol (opening act, the awesome band Plain White T's) at Fox Theater in Oakland.

Snow Patrol and Plain White T's will be awesome, and I'm so excited to see Train! I've loved them for years now, and can't wait to hear some stuff from the new album they have coming out later this year. The fact that Summer has agreed to go also makes me happy, as she's the perfect concert buddy.

Good Friday?

I'll reserve judgement until it's done, of course, but Internet is suddenly working as it did before my computer crashed in April, and I find this gem on Jezebel:

Of course, my right eye is irritated, so I have to wear my glasses today instead of my contacts.

Hopefully my day is smooth and easy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

...And Another Thing...

The gym has a few new cardio machines. They're sort of a hybrid of the elliptical, a treadmill and the stair-climber. I saw them today and thought, "Oooohh...must try." I climbed on the only available one, next to a lady who is quite in shape. She had the toned tummy, the ripped arms and legs--the whole package.

She was commenting to the guy next to her how hard this machine was. I piped up, "Oh, is it?" She laughed and said, "I've had to stop three or four times, and I've only been on it for about 6 minutes." In my head, I thought, "Huh. Well, I'm still gonna try."

I set the machine for five minutes, and set the resistance level to 5, figuring only beginners can get away with a level 1.

I did a full five minutes of full-on running. It was hard work--a better workout, I daresay, than the treadmill, and the elliptical--but I didn't have to stop. My calves were working hard, and my body was glistening with sweat after about two minutes. But I was fine. No stopping.

I did a five-minute cool down using the stair-step motion and continued to feel really good.

The whole point of this story, of course, is that I totally kicked that skinny girl's ass. ;)

No More Fat Girl

Today was my last appointment with C., for a while, at least. I've run out of sessions and for now, I need to focus my money on other things. I'm going to put some aside in the hopes of buying 10 more sessions in another couple of months. Until then, however, the training wheels are off.

Roughly six months ago, I took a few small steps to a trainer's desk at the gym, and started a long, amazing journey to a new self. The first thing I had to do was to discard the notion that being fat is shameful. I had to start liking myself a little more if I was going to make this happen. I had had enough of being 30 years old, 5'2" and over 200 pounds.

I started this crazy path at 221 pounds. Too heavy for my height, too unhealthy. Out of shape, breathless at the top of one flight of stairs.

I joked about how sadistic B. was, but in truth, I looked forward to my workouts with him because I knew that every time he kicked my butt, my body got stronger. Every time I lost weight, my confidence grew. When my size-18 jeans got to sagging around my butt, I gloried in the purchase of size 16. When size 14 jeans zipped up without a fight, I celebrated more.

I've lost a total of 25 pounds--I need to lose about 65 more before I'm at goal. But I'm not so worried about that number anymore (as long as I NEVER AGAIN see a 2 in the hundreds place!!). I'm more worried about strength, the inches I continue to lose, the muscles I feel poking out in my arms, fighting against the fat. I revel in the hip bones and elbows I can once again feel without poking the hell out of myself. Everytime I see my shadow, I notice a definite hourglass emerging, just like it was in high school. I'll never be super-skinny, and I'm actually quite delighted that I'll always have womanly breasts, hips and booty. They're going to look amazing next to my toned tummy and short-but-awesome legs.

When B. moved and C. took over my training, I started learning crucial ideas about my nutrition. With her help, I've found great ways to get lean protein, healthy carbs, and tons of fruit and veggies into my diet. She allowed the good fats (cheese, avocado, olive oil) that B. had banished. My weight loss under her watch hasn't been as dramatic as it was with B.--but I've continued to lose inches and see my body change in huge ways.

So the training wheels are off. C. gave me some workouts I can use for the next month or so, and I will do everything I need to do to stay on track.

At the end of today's appointment, I thanked her for everything, and then, to my dismay, I got tears in my eyes. It is so hard to articulate how amazing this has been--how awesome it has been to ditch the depression and anxiety, to see my body change, become healthier, to become stronger. I'm no longer grossed out by my own sweat--instead, I see it as proof that I'm working hard. It turns out I've gained so much more than the weight I've lost.

C. gave me a hug and told me how proud I should be--and I am. It's the pride that's making me a blubbering idiot, hours later as I sit here typing this.

Tomorrow the club's manager is going to take my picture and have me write a few words. I'm going to be on the wall as a success story. I said to C., "But I'm not done yet!" She replied, "But you are still a success story. Look how far you've come."

Maybe my story can inspire someone else, just as I've been inspired by other pictures on the wall of the gym. That makes me happy. I'm a teacher--I live to inspire!

You may have noticed the title of this post, and the label. I've decided to ditch the fat girl. I'm still overweight, yes. But I'm not a fat girl anymore. I'm a strong girl, a hot girl emerging after a long, long hibernation. I will no longer define myself by the number on the scale, the size on the tag of my clothes, or my body fat. I will define myself by my strength, my persistence, and my ability to see this through.

And for tonight, I'll cry happy tears, full of pride.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day in the Life

...of a middle school teacher.

Note: I thought it would be fun to "live blog" my day at school. It was somewhat typical. But I don't have access to my blog during school hours (and even if I did, I wouldn't have the time required to actually write something), so I stole some time while my kids were working on a worksheet to update my notebook--as in the spiral-bound kind with real, honest-to-God paper--with the intention of blogging it all later in the day. The following is the result.

7:15 Arrive at school, unload rolling cart from Rosie's back seat, and roll on towards my classroom.

7:18 Unlock classroom door. Woohoo! They finally put my new rug in here!

7:20 Walking to office, I see a young girl (maybe 4th grade?) wearing a shirt with a lemon on it and the words "Squeeze Me." Does anyone else think that's just a little bit too pedophile-friendly?

7:45 Five minutes into 1st period, which is my prep. One of our kids (everyone knows Odie--not his real name, by the way) just ran by my room. His aide (he's autistic) is yelling at him to stop, but can't run after him. So I do.

I chase this kid all the way to the cafeteria, wishing that spanking was allowed in public schools. Dammit, running in ballet flats is hard!

8:10 Twenty minutes until my first class arrives, and then it's zoom-zoom-zoom from then until 12:03.

8:45 Our most disruptive 8th grader, Garfield, wanted to go to the office because he says he has a sore throat. Uh-huh. Riiiight. "Mr. H. wouldn't let me go!"

"Neither will I."

Garfield threw a fit, so I wrote his name on the board as a warning. The third time he asked me to go to the office, I said, "If your throat hurts, stop talking. That will help."

It went downhill from there, so I called the office. Mrs. Principal came and took Garfield away, after hearing that he had been throwing his music on the floor, lifting his desk off the floor, and, in general, being disruptive.

His throat wasn't so sore that he couldn't talk back to both me and Mrs. Principal.

He'll be back to school on Monday. :)

10:12 Break time! Only 10 minutes, but still. Oh, and third period was a dream, as usual.

12:03 5th period is leaving my room, and I'm glad to see the back of them. Whiniest group of 8th graders I've ever met.

12:30 Talk to Mrs. Awesome Counselor (my hero) about Garfield. She's always been tremendously supportive when it comes to this kid.

Anyway, turns out that the supposed "urban legend" about a pair of twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello is NOT an urban legend. She actually KNEW two kids by these names when working in Modesto.

(Pronounced Or-RAHN-jel-LO and Le-MON-jel-LO, by the way.)

1:05 Scarf down salad and applesauce and now am working on grading while waiting for my kinders.

1:40 Kinders were a no-show. That's okay, I got some grading done, and set up my new carpet. It's gorgeous. Time for bus duty.

1:55 Watch the buses pull away and start walking back to the office. I'm officially off contract hours and done for the day.

2:10 Load my cart into Rosie Pro and get in. Turn the A/C on full-blast and make my way to the highway. In fifteen minutes, I'll be home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat Mom

I've decided that being a cat mom has officially taken over my life.

Millie threw up three times this morning, and I spent part of my day worrying. Is the pancreatitis back? Just a hairball? Worry or wait? Cuddle her or let her rest? Is she dehydrated? (No.) WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

It means she had a hairball, because tonight, she's absolutely fine. I know this, because I've obsessively watched her. She ate, she drank, she cuddled, she purred, she cleaned herself. These are all excellent signs of good health.

Also, every few days comes that not-so-fun-but-definitely-necessary-task:

Doo-doo Dooty.

Tonight was one of those evenings. Usually, when I clean out the litter boxes, I run the vacuum around the 2nd bedroom to get the litter up out of the carpet. Tonight I kept the vacuum going into my bedroom, down the hall, and into the living room. I also moved some cat stuff around to make it more accessible to my hyperactive kitten.

I marvelled (bitterly) at the destruction said kitten has wreaked on my sofa, and then stuck a scratching post in front of the worst part to both hide the damage and encourage the little shit to scratch something else for a change.

You are reading the blog of a woman who keeps a cat bad on the coffee table so her furbabies can look out the window while they relax. Another cat bed is at the foot of my bed, but it's rarely used because both cats prefer to cuddle with me.

Today I went to PetSmart with two purposes:

1. Replace Harley's cat dancer toy--he LOVES it, and has worn his other one out. Also,

2. Harley needed a new collar, because his other one got chewed to death.

Why yes, my friends, that is a Harley Davidson cat collar! I could. Not. Resist.

Anyway, I took all these pictures while quietly laughing and shaking my head tonight--these two small creatures have taken over my life, my apartment, and my heart.

What can I say? I'm a mom.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Question

I think this is what Harley was trying to ask me in his girly-meow voice a few minutes ago. I was too busy giggling at his high-pitched squeak. He looks so masculine, but talks like a girl.

It's okay, it just adds to his charm.