Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break is a Wonderful Thing

I have a fabulous new haircut--I had about five or six inches of dead weight chopped off, and the layers shortened to go with the length. It is lighter, cuter, easier to wash and it doesn't tangle as easily!!!

Aside from that, my break so far has been pretty uneventful. Mom and I went shopping yesterday and found a great, classy outfit for my upcoming job interviews. I have one at a music academy in Oakland on Thursday, and one for a Waldorf school in Orangevale on Monday. Possibilities are opening up, and I am feeling good. Wish me luck!

Easter was lovely. Mom and I prepared an Easter Tea instead of the usual ham brunch. We had little finger sandwiches, mini quiches (made from scratch by Yours Truly), tea cookies, mini scones, and fresh strawberries.

I haven't been very good about keeping up with my LPB. I haven't had a lot to write about. You know what they say...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Well, that's why this blog has been so quiet. I'm still just a teensy bit bitter about the things that have happened in the last couple of months. I'll get over it. I'm off to a good start.

In the meantime, I've started a new blog. It will NOT replace my beloved LPB. This blog will remain for sharing my adventures and thoughts...the new one is The Anxious Traveler, a project I've been interested in starting and have finally gotten to.

So that's about it in my world. I'm enjoying my Spring Break, spending time at Mom and Dad's. We've gone on daily walks, watched movies, and relaxed. Millie and the Kindergatos (I still think that would make a great name for a band) are getting along pretty well...well, Millie's often a snot to them, but she's Queen Kitty, so that's sort of her job.

Oh, and only 79 days 'til my new adventure begins!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beauty in a Rain Puddle

I took this picture in York, England in 2005. It rained/snowed the whole time I was there, but I didn't mind at all. On my first morning in town, I came upon an old pub, which was interesting and photogenic enough in itself. Then I noticed this puddle on the ground and the perfect reflection of the building. I'm glad I took this picture--it's definitely a different perspective on a distinctive style of old English architecture.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So Much and Yet So Little...

That's what I have to blog about.

If you know me, you already know what I got for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, it was not a gift of love...but it was a gift, nonetheless. A new opportunity for yours truly.

So I'm plugging along, getting stuff done. Having good days (mostly) and the inevitable drama that comes around--more often than it should--in my life in this town. Hanging in there, and counting the days (as of today, 93).

Spring is springing, and I am ready for the longer days and warmer weather, I'm stocking up on short-sleeved shirts in bright colors, and looking at the ads for cute spring shoes. I've been opening my windows for the fresh air without freezing, and loving the fact that the NASCAR season has started again (and that my boy Junior is doing very well!).

Every week when I do my grocery shopping, I've been buying a fresh bunch of daffodils. I keep them in a jar on my table, and they make me smile.

And that's it. Work has been busy, but I've been making a lot of time for myself in the evenings...especially with the latest developments. Mostly I'm trying to stay focused on the good--new opportunities and such. Thinking up names for the kitten I want to adopt this summer (like getting a white kitten and calling her Sugar, or a grey named Cinderella).

I'm doin' good.