Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vienna, Part 4: Wednesday

For starters, eek! I have been terrible about finishing the blog for this trip. Call it busy-ness, call it laziness...whatever. Here I am.

So, Wednesday in Vienna was another lovely, sunny day. Summer and I started off early to see the Mozart House and the Music House museums. Along the way, I took lots of pictures.

The Mozart House

After the Mozart House, we walked by St. Stephen's again, on our way to the Music House Museum.

I love this shot.

The horse-drawn carriages were out in force.

The Music House (or Haus der Musik) was marvelous. They have an amazing exhibit on how sound works, a whole floor of famous composers, and an exhibit on the history of the Vienna Philharmonic.

I tried "conducting" the Phil, but they would not follow me. Sigh.

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Musical stairs

Next, it was back to Hotel Sacher for a fancy lunch.  I had a chocochino (hot chocolate cappucino) and it was incredible. For dessert, I had apple strudel...oh, heaven.

For the afternoon, I did a lot of wandering, and picture-taking.

I happened on yet another photogenic old church.

I wandered through small squares and found a building that looked like a castle.

The castle building.

I found my way back to Michaelersplatz, and went through to visit the Kunsthistoriches museum.

But first, a new Facebook profile pic.

The Kunsthistoriches is in a large plaza, facing an identical building, which houses a military museum. In the middle, a statue of Marie-Therese.

And of course, the inside is stunning.

Pardon all the Greek pottery--my students had just been looking at some for our Ancient Art unit and I had to take a ton of pictures.

I bought my first Manner wafer in the gift shop and had it

Best item in the gift shop, hands down.

I walked over to the Hofburg, and through the busy park.

Kids playing football (as in soccer).


I visited the Manner store for some goodies.

Finally, it was time for a trip highlight. Summer and I had reservations at a great Austrian restaurant, for some good, old-fashioned weinerschnitzel.

We both ordered the pork, with a side of potatoes.

We both left stuffed.

Seriously, it's as big as our heads!

But it was delicious, especially with lemon squeezed over it. A true Austrian experience.