What the Duck?!

An introduction to Mr. Swimmy.

It all started with a silly caption on Keane's official fan forum.

It took off and became a huge joke, and before I quite knew what was going on, I was taking a small rubber duck with me every time I went anywhere special. Even to the emergency room one night!

The result, after several months, is a wonderful friendship with four inspiring, lovely women. There's Maayan (and Israeli "Izzy" Swimmy) in New York, Lindsay (and Sparty Swimmy)  in Michigan, Amanda (and Eendje Swimmy) in Holland, and Sarah (and Timmy Swimmy) in England. And of course, there's Cali and me. We support each other, we care about each other, and we all have rubber duckies.

So Cali (short for California) Swimmy and I have lots of adventures, and you'll see him here on the Little Pink Blog from time to time. He's one tiny duck, but he represents something that is so much bigger than me.

Mmm, Starbucks.

It's a big world, but Cali Swimmy knows he'll
meet up with all of his friends someday!

Near the Golden Gate Bridge

So far, some of our Swimmy's have met up. In January 2012, Lindsay got to travel to England and meet Sarah. In April 2011, Maayan came to California for an adventure with me during my Epic Week. In the summertime, Amanda's trip to England allowed her to meet Sarah. With Keane touring in 2012, we're all hoping for more meet-ups, including the world-rocking Epic Swimmy Meet-Up, in which five ladies and five little duckies will find themselves in the same place. Watch out, Keane, we're a little nutty.

Sarah and Lindsay in London, January 2011.

Maayan (with Izzy) and Yours Truly (with Cali) excited to finally meet
in April 2011.