Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Mom has been wanting a new kitten for a while, and she had decided it would be best to wait until we had made our Idaho/Utah trip. After all, babies need a lot of care and attention.

Well, we got back yesterday (more on the trip later) and today we went out "to look." We pulled up to the Jefferson Country Animal Shelter and went inside, asking specifically for girls.

The first kitten they pulled out for us was a slightly long-haired, blue-eyed tortoiseshell:

Well, of course we thought she was wonderful but we thought it best to see her sister, a short-haired, blue-eyed tortoiseshell:

Bella and Duchess

Now, how do you choose just one?? Dad got a rather exasperated look on his face after about 5 minutes of Mom and I cooing, said, "We may as well get both," and proceeded to go through the adoption paperwork while Mom and I cuddled, cooed and had a ball.

Mom has known for a while that she'd like to name her new kitty Bella, so the short-haired one (we think she was the runt, because she is tiny), became Bella. Now, what to name the other one? I got to pick, so I chose Duchess, for Duchess of Ludlow.

They're settling in nicely. We have them in the guest bathroom, so as not to upset Maggie and Millie. We want to make the introduction as calm and un-intimidating as possible for all cats.


So far they're both quite calm, though they hide behind the toilet when we first come in. They've had some food and water, and Mom just reported that someone's had a little wee in the litterbox.

Here they are in their basket--Duchess wants to play, Bella wants to sleep:

I love this one--you can see how fuzzy Duchess is.

Aren't they sweet?!?


HB said...


I dunno if it's Bella or the other one, but one of them looks like she's just been caught eating the chocolate... it's smeared all over her little face! Sigh... kitties!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

OMG!!! Precious, precious, precious!! Thanks for the trip in the way back machine, hon!