Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Itty Bitty Fitty

I'm about two weeks into having my FitBit now, and for the most part, I'm remembering to use it daily. I still sometimes forget to take it off a pajama top or a gym top (I change several times a day, what can I say?) and thus I've had to fish it out of my laundry basket a few times. But when I remember it, it's a very good tool for monitoring my activity and making myself move more. Ten thousand steps in a day is harder than it sounds, even for a teacher.

Except when you're at Disneyland.

I had read somewhere about a woman who tracked her steps at the Disney parks on her FitBit, and she walked something like 12 miles in one day. I didn't get that far, but my stats are still impressive:

Friday--two four-hour stints at Disneyland
and time at the college for singing.

Saturday--twelve hours at Disneyland,
and a lot of sitting in the later afternoon
because my sciatica was acting up a bit.

It's also interesting to note that my FitBit has already had one unfortunate plunge...into a toilet. That's what I get for clipping it so the body of it was outside of my jeans pocket, rather than in, as I usually wear it. I was at work, and a bit desperate for the loo because of all the water I drink at work, and one careless flick of my hand as I pulled my jeans down sent the FitBit flying. Plop!

Fortunately, it remained unfazed. Turns out the rubbery little case that clips to my clothing is pretty water-tight. I took the device out and let it air a bit anyway (and, you know, wiped it down even though fortunately, the toilet water was un-spoiled when the FitBit flew in). It didn't stop or pause one bit, and hasn't had any problems since.

I might upgrade to the wristband FitBit that tracks sleep, but I'm still researching and exploring my options before I spend the money. I'm glad I won this one (I never win raffles!!) and have a chance to play around with it--the app is very useful, as is the web page.

'Til I decide, my little Zip is doing just fine. It counts side-to-side stepping as "walking," so I like to do a little dance while doing things that involve standing, like brushing my teeth or preparing a cup of tea. Hey, it's movement!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Choir Tour in Pictures

I took several pictures with my Canon, but most of the weekend was documented via Instagram. 119 Instagram pictures, actually. What can I say? I'm picture-happy.


Five minutes into the park and Cali Swimmy is already
making friends with the locals.

Walt and Mickey, with the castle behind them.

All of the visits I've made, and I've never noticed the squirrel

When I was three or four, apparently we left the park with
me whining the whole way, "We didn't ride Dumbo!!!"

So I got in line, and told a cast member just why an adult was
in line, sans children. He laughed, as did the man in front of
me with his own children...who had a similar story about another
ride and his own childhood. : )

So I rode Dumbo, and sent this to Mom and Dad. 

My next stop was Toon Town, which I missed last year.

Donald Duck has a house boat there. 

Cali Swimmy was happy to visit the S.S. Daisy, but he was
impatient to meet his idol again.

Mickey's house.


If you look, you find so many funny little jokes all over
Disneyland. "Coloratura par eggcellance." 

I rode King Arthur's Carousel. I love carousels. 

I don't recall ever seeing any of the villains out at the park.
She was so good, very snotty. 

A long-time favorite.

OF COURSE I bought it. Apparently it's been around a while
but I didn't see it last year. 

Pretty drinking fountain.

The Dapper Dans--excellent barbershop singing, and also
really funny.

As we were leaving for the afternoon to go sing, Cali and I
ran into Donald, who was very happy to say hello to a fellow
duck friend.

Ready to sing! This was in the warm-up room as they lined
up to leave for the theater.

Back at Disneyland for the evening. I love this one.

At California Adventure.

This was when I still had four hours to go.

Olaf's Snow Fest


I finally got to experience Radiator Springs Racers--it is
excellent. Really cute, but also really thrilling.

Enormous fajita salad is enormous.

Meeting Mickey. :) 

These days, Star Tours is 3-D.

Disneyland has a Starbucks on Main Street.

Selfie with Minnie. She didn't have an attendant. 


Started off in California Adventure.

I made a point to see the Red Trolley News Boys again.

I've never noticed the tiny vineyard before!

Another pic with Donald.

Going under the sea...

The Army Guys from Toy Story. The back of their truck has
"Andy" in childish scrawl. 

Broccoli cheddar in a sourdough bread bowl from Boudin.

It rained again on Saturday, and my new hoodie came in handy.

Tow Mater

Our creepy and hilarious porter.

Someone liked the rain (hint: not me). We stopped to have
some hot chocolate.

Hiding out in Sleeping Beauty's Castle with other rain refugees.

The old submarine ride is now all about Finding Nemo. The
seagulls shout out "Mine! Mine! Mine!" from time to time. 

Back to Toon Town.

Turns out they close the Tea Cups in the rain.

If you look closely, you can see me. 

Frozen Sing-Along in California Adventure.

Let it go...let it go....


Elsa out in front.


I treated myself to a Mickey Marshmallow Wand. :) 

Camera Pictures:

I do wish this had better lighting.  

Outside of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Three singers getting ready for warm-ups.

Radiator Springs

Lighting McQueen

I stood there and waited for the cars to enter the loop. This picture is
perfectly timed!!

The stage for Aladdin. 

Prince Ali, fabulous he...

The Genie was fabulous.

So proud of my camera for all these pics.

The magic carpet is draped over the balcony.

I stopped taking pictures after Aladdin, as I had a mini-crisis to deal with, and it was getting dark.