Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #131)"

A roller coaster of emotions...that's really all I can say about this week.

Sunday (The Calm Before the Storm):

Salad, book, patio...lovely.

"Anything I like in there? What? No chicken?!"

Bella Blue resting in the shade.

Hair By Millie.

I love pulling out the spices...

Coconut Curried Chicken, and Cauliflower and tofu in a spicy
tomato sauce. Topped with fresh cilantro and coconut flakes.
Monday (The Holiday):

Texting with Dad.

With Dad in Europe, I made sure to get the flag out. 

Gym time. 

I set a new personal best--200 pounds on the leg press!

I stopped at Raley's on the way home and found this tiny
gnome. Every garden needs a gnome.

I also found these birds. 

Mom's roses are thriving.

For Memorial Day, I did my annual Band of Brothers marathon.

I also made post cards--a custom order from my Etsy shop.

More garden pics. I spent a lot of time out there this week
with the cats, and watering for Mom.


A very lucky shot. I'm quite proud of it.
Tuesday (The Last "Normal" Day):

I went for a long walk Tuesday morning. It was quite overcast
for a little while.

Another lucky hummingbird shot.

You might have a Jamba problem when they greet you by name.

Sitting in a bean bag chair, watching Pocahontas with 25
choir students. 

More garden time. It's peaceful out there.


Playing with my shadow some more.

Wednesday (A Lot of Tears):

I made waffles for our choir breakfast during the final.


They gave me a pitch pipe--a gift with huge meaning. I almost
cried then and there but managed not to.

What a bunch of nerds. Tell ya what, though. I'm gonna miss
those nerds.

Mom and Dad, inching back towards U.S. air space.

I drank tea to stay awake 'til it was time to pick them up.

Cutting some roses to welcome them home.

Thursday (The Day Off):

Seen while walking--most people see a weed, I see perseverance.

Tiny mushroom.

Checked Twitter while I was walking...found this. :)


While they were gone, I discovered that Dad's battery had died,
so Thursday, I followed him to this place so he could get it


Who got up and took 47 more steps before going to bed?

Friday (Anger and Minions):

Grad rehearsal.


So, the anger part. My now-former boss wrote me a card and
gave me a plant. The card was all about how she appreciates
my professionalism even though she got rid of me to hire her
friend...not in so many words of course. I was SO PISSED at
this letter, I cried in my car. Then I went to the gym and
KICKED ASS. All was well in my world.

Then I went to Fleet Feet.

These came home with me. Can't wait to break them in!

And then there were Minion Tic Tacs.

Saturday (Closure):

...but first, pizza for breakfast. In the car.

Jacqueline and Delaney (with guitar), sound-checking Keane's
"Somewhere Only We Know" before the ceremony.

The pink signifies a music degree, the red is for Chico.

Delaney, Jacqueline.

That's Terry, the guitar teacher. He bent down, I stood on my

Madison. I'm super-proud of this one.

Drew, from my piano lab class in the fall. He's a good kid.

Kyle, a choir and musical theater kid with huge talent.

Another Megan Elizabeth!

Congratulations, Class of 2015! 

When someone gives you a plant and pretends to all of your
colleagues (who know the truth) that you are leaving because
you want to...what's left to do but leave the plant in front of
the theater? 

Some last pictures of the choir room. 

For two years, I was. And it was grand.

Green, to the left of the pic. Now, even more so. 

A tiny part of my legacy.

The bigger part of my legacy--students. Lives I've impacted.
Laughs we had. Great music we made. 
And with that...onward and upward.