Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #157)

I have had a couple of social weekends, bookending a lazy week.

Ahh, Thanksgiving Break. : )


What's interesting is that now all these gorgeous trees are
dropping leaves like leaves are going out of style.

Sunday Morning Meeting (ducks vs. geese).

Still very much in that park-at-the-back-of-the-lot mentality
with Sylvie.


Hot tea and pajamas on a Monday morning...I love break!

More lovely fall color.

Looking through the huge boulders. 

Sadly, touching them did not transport me back in time to a
very hot Scottish dude.


On Tuesday, we watched Poldark. 

Until the power went out. 


I don't buy CDs anymore, I was just at Dimple to sell some

Sigh. At Target.

So OF COURSE I bought the jammies.

I've put myself in charge of outdoor decorations for the last
few years.

This year I extended to the main part of the front yard, which
required an extension cord and duct tape. 

And large ornaments on the tree.

Not too shabby, for a one-woman crew. 

Twelve years of driving Mazdas and it's only recently occurred
to me that the logo is an M. 

I started making my Christmas cards on Wednesday.


I was hoping to catch a split-second glimpse of Julia as she
performed in Herald Square. Then she walked right in front
of a CBS camera as they cut to commercial and I started
yelling, "THERE SHE IS!! OH MY GOD!!! A CLOSE-UP!!!"
(Also, I blatantly stole this picture from someone else.)

Julia's the one with silver poms. 

Mom and Dad. : )

Dad and daughter selfie.

Cute pic, despite my awkward half-squat to be level with them.

Finally got a shot of me with Sylvie. I am so damned proud of
this car.

Thanksgiving Dinner for Bella and Duchess.

I finished making my cards (36 of 'em!) on Thursday. Had them
filled out, addressed, stamped and to the Post Office by this

Thankful Lady is her R2D2 nightie.


Old (and a few new) friends. Let's do this!!

New ornaments this year--Olaf (bought at Disneyland),
a California Bear (bought in Santa Rosa in June), and Snoopy
(bought by Mom and Dad).

I love my Tiffany candy cane.

Too many Snoopy ornaments? NOT possible!

One from last year. Poor Charlie Brown!

One from a few years ago.

Haha, yes, an ornament from my gym.

It looks like Charles Schulz threw up in our kitchen, but it
makes me happy.

Jingle Swimmy, Rudy Swimmy, and Santa Swimmy have
come out for the holidays.

My race pics arrived so I finally got my frame made up. 

Candle in the window.


The cutest little birdie. 

Apparently the geese like golf.

Met Summer in Dixon at our favorite little tea place, Linde
Lane Tea Rooms. Always good to catch up. Add tea, and you've
got greatness.

One of their trees.

It's such a cute place.

This is a purse. 

A block away is a great little antique store. We poked in for a

I found two early-70s ornaments I'd never seen before and HAD
to have them. I love the Flying Ace and I wasn't turning down
that Woodstock find, either!!