Meg of the LPB

My name is Megan. You can call me Meg. I answer to both!

I wear many hats and have many adventures. Trying to describe myself is particularly difficult, because I have so many passions--singing, writing, taking pictures, making things, being with people I like, traveling, cats, running, etc.

You'll notice my blog isn't about any one thing. I started as a place to tell people stories about my year teaching in England and continued as a place where I could purge my emotions, opine on whatever was on my mind, and post pictures of my life and adventures. My life is an adventure; many of my friends have told me this. I seem to have a talent for making adventures out of the events other people would be confounded by--unemployment, for example.

So if you follow this blog, you'll notice that one minute I'm raving about my favorite band (Keane) and the next I'm oversharing about how much weight I've lost (90 pounds--hit my goal weight of 130 in September 2012!). You'll see pictures of places, people, cats (lots of cat pictures) and random things. There's humor and sarcasm and happiness and sadness and everything in between.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

My motto. I adore this.