Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Week In Instagram (Week #114)

Last weekend was so full of adventure (Silicon Valley on Friday night, the coast on Saturday, then back home to Lincoln, and Gold Country on Sunday), that I needed another weekend to recover. I didn't get it, but at least this week flew by in a pleasant state of busyness.


Sitting on my tummy on a Sunday morning.

Ear scritches.


So foggy.

And cold!

Mom's camellias are starting to pop.

Driving through Loomis.

Go on a family day trip, and we're all on our phones.
Except Dad. He was driving.

The Natoma Crossing bridge in Folsom.

Getting into Middle of Nowhere.

Fiddletown, CA.

Plymouth, CA.

Just ridin' through town on a Sunday.

Placerville was where all the hangings took place in the Gold
Rush days.


I did a kick-ass kettlebell workout, then some time on the

A bit of light reading.

Selfie with cat. 

Gray day at the Large Suburban High School.


"Lunch." I ran some sprints, then ate when I got home.

This is how I feel about sprints.

Land of the free and home of the...lazy?

Text conversations with Dad. 

Cat nap on a catnip pillow.

Nothin' but treble.

Obsessively organized desk.

Tea stains.


It was the kind of day where a duck comes to work for luck.

Cool. Calm. Composed.

After my run.

A day of anxiety calmed significantly by a great run.


The Gay-Straight Alliance is hosting "Love Who You Are"
Week next week. 

Mutual adoration. 

The Student Government kids are awesome.

Mom got this for the kitchen. We really are.

Today, I took this for a test drive.

The recipe was awesome, and I was so tickled by my Peanuts
waffles. The bottoms look even better.

I went over to my storage unit this morning. This is all the
music I've sung with Sac Choral and Stockton Chorale.

My primary purpose for going: to have a junk removal service
take some crumbling bookcases and destroyed living room

And now I can walk in there! I have access to some books,
music, and my holiday stuff.

Mom's camellia bush is just getting started. 

More where that came from...