Tuesday, July 27, 2021

And Just Like That...

 Seventeen years have flown by.


Seventeen years ago today, I started a blog. I was about to embark on the Biggest Adventure Yet in my life, a year teaching in England. I look back now and I wouldn't change a thing.

In the years since, I have continued to find adventures everywhere--big and small. I'm not so great at blogging them anymore, in this age of rapid-fire social media. I rather miss it, though.

Also just like that...five years fly by. Tomorrow marks five years since I was handed the keys to a needs-a-lotta-love condo and embarked on the wild journey of making it livable and then making it HOME. I'll post tomorrow some pictures of Casa Meg in its current state. I did a very intense clean last night and all day today (I mean, I vacuumed the balcony, that's dedication). It's looking good.

And if I'm going to comment on passing time, well, here I am, about to start my seventh year at the same school (a record for me). I'm busy making sure my plans are up-to-date and ready. I taught summer school this year, so I had some time to organize my classroom and move a few things around. The prospect of having no Zoom learning this year is a very lovely thought.

More to come. I have house pics to take.

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