Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #163)

A lot of selfies this week. It's my blog, and I'll selfie if I want to...


Self-care Sunday


With Mom and Dad out of town, I got a lot of attention from
the fuzzy lady.

Listing atlas post cards on Etsy.


I wore a cute scarf on Monday--and good thing, because our
boiler died at school and it took them a few days to fix it!!

I also wore the jade-and-gold bracelet Mom gave me. 

Working hard

Lace from my scarf.

A mess. 

All this went down.

I tried doing the farmer's carry with dumbbells. My hands
were NOT happy. 


Found on Instagram.

Selfie, again.

Practicing. I've played my piano every day this year.


I raided Dad's tool box for odds and ends for instrument-making.

These are amazing. Little bits of brie cheese.

Selfie with a Duchess.


Spent my extended prep time making instruments out of junk.

These became bongos.

Lunch was the last of the New Year's Day black-eyed peas.

My 6th grade boys finished their art early, so I humored their
desire to set a world record for "Crayola Pen Chain." 

Time for a workout with Matt! That's his truck I'm parked

That post-workout-tomorrow-is-Friday glow.


Bacon-egg croissant for breakfast. Amazing.

She works harrrrrd for her money...

The weekly bleach-a-thon. I wash my desk down once a week.

The heater was still being weird, so our boss gave us some
options...the blue is not her writing. : P

Stopped to pick up my race bib on the way home from work.

Then I went to WinCo for groceries and decided I needed this.

Definitely needed this.


Pre-race selfie. 

Post-race selfie. Time: 35:03, meaning I have some work
to do shaving 5:04 off!

Dad's rain gauge (I got it for him for Christmas). I didn't notice
the grasshopper until I went back in the house and looked at
the picture again.

That is the beginning of a daffodil. 

I make wishes on M&Ms...

I started a new book. So far, it's excellent.

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