Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fitness Goals For 2016

I don't do resolutions, and I'm certainly not focused on weight loss or any other such goals this year. But fitness and athletic goals are not a bad thing, and I've set some for myself. (I'm also only ten days into the year and finally putting this up.)


  1. Mile Time: I'd like to get to under 9:00. My current best is 9:38, and with some work, I know I can get below nine minutes in the next twelve months. I'll do speed drills and continue building my base of fitness to get there.
  2. 5K time: My best ever, in December 2013, was 30:34, so tantalizingly close to under thirty minutes I could almost taste it. If I hadn't been wearing a floppy Santa suit, I might have had it. Then I started training for my first half marathon, and things slowed considerably as my running became less about speed and more about endurance and the run-walk method. So this year, I'm returning to my quest for the Sub-Thirty 5K. As Matt pointed out, with working on a new best mile time, this will surely follow.
  3. Race Goals: I've asked a friend about being part of a relay team for the annual Eppie's Great Race (it's a triathlon with running, biking and kayaking here in Sacramento), as I'd love to do the run part, but I don't have a bike and I'm not experienced in kayaking. We'll see if anything comes of that. I'm eyeing a 12K race (that's about 7.5 miles) in May, but I'm not looking to do any half marathons in the first half of the year. I love the challenge--especially the training--and will continue to run long on Sundays because it's basically my version of going to church. But the races take a lot out of me and I want to take a break from them until at least next fall. That said, I'm eyeing the Yosemite Half Marathon, just because it would be amazing to run in Yosemite National Park.


  1. Dead Lift: My current best is 150 pounds, one rep. Matt assures me that will soon be demolished (not in weight, but in number of reps) and I believe him. I'm constantly getting stronger. I don't think it's unreasonable to work towards dead lifting 175 pounds before 2016 is finished.
  2. Leg Press: My current best is 185. I haven't done this one in a while because I so rarely get to the actual gym anymore, aside from a cardio day on Mondays. On Tuesday and Thursday I work out in Matt's garage (no leg press machine) and on Saturdays, in my own garage (pretty basic equipment). But at some point, I'd like to make an effort to work on my leg press again, and get it to 200 pounds, or more. Hey, I used to carry around 220 pounds--no reason to think I can't press that much with these badass legs.
  3. Bench Press: Current best is about 45-50 pounds. I just want to be able to press more than that.

Other Fitness Goals

  1. Hiking: I want to hike more. California is a gorgeous place and I simply do not get out into nature enough. I've already done Mt. Diablo, so some possibilities for this year include Mt. Tam in the Bay Area, some hikes around Lake Tahoe, and wherever else I decide. 
  2. Equipment: Right now, my home workouts have to revolve around resistance bands, a 25-pound kettlebell, an agility ladder, a hula hoop, and a balance board. It's certainly a good start, and I can get some decent Saturday workouts in without having to drive 15 miles to the gym in Roseville. But the more I learn about fitness and training (and the more time I spend around Matt, who is constantly adding to his inventory, making me look at this stuff and drool), the more I want a few fun items to keep my home workouts (resistance on Saturday, cardio on Wednesdays) a little more exciting and varied. Some things I want to add this year include:
    • More kettlebells, varying weights.
    • Slam medicine ball
    • TRX bands (and, you know, a place to hang them from)
    • Dumbbells, varying weights.
  3. Horseback Riding: I want to go riding this year, at least once. I haven't ridden a horse in years, and I'd love to do it again. This isn't so much a fitness thing, but I'm just putting it up here so I'll make an effort to do it.

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