Sunday, January 03, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #162)

And it's back to work tomorrow...but it's also only 40 days 'til London. Six of one, half dozen of another!


On Sunday, I dug this out of storage. We start tomorrow night!


Ha again!!

Cuddles with Bella.


My hat and hoodie clashed. But it was COLD.

To Matt, the day before: "I'll do an easy two-miler tomorrow."

My year in selfies.


I made a TON of stuff this year.

Best Nine--some people used the app. I made my own.


I ran some errands before a workout with Matt, and had some
free time. He lives about a mile from Historic Roseville, so
I had a quick wander.

Historic Roseville is a pretty hip place, apparently. Just ask

Later that day, I spent entirely too much money on Amazon,
while also securing my weekend plans.

More crafting. I was a crafting FOOL this week. :) 

Wine and crafting.

Spiked hot chocolate and crafting.


New best mile time!! Goal for 2016 -- under 9:00.

Wednesday, I met Meghan and The Roz for dinner on Sutter
Street in Folsom.

Hop Sing Palace

Well, let us hope. Because I have some plans I would love to
see come to light, but they're...tricky. 

Thursday -- New Year's Eve:

I spent much of Thursday cleaning.

Clean and tidy work space.

Organized closet (believe it or not, I culled a bunch of stuff).

Clean bedroom.

Last workout of 2015! I mention this guy a lot in my blog, but
here's his face. This is Matt, an amazing trainer and valued
friend. : )

I went to my friend/colleague Rindi's house to ring in the New

This is Pickles, having a ball. 

Party Animals.

Cali Swimmy made an appearance.

A toast at midnight! I left shortly after--I was so sleepy!!

Friday -- New Year's Day -- Happy 2016!
I adore this photo. Look at those owl eyes! She was looking
over her shoulder at me, looking like a kitten. So sweet.

I went for a walk. It was a super-clear morning over the valley.
You can see Sacramento and Mt. Diablo.

The pond has filled up from all the recent rains. 

I love clouds-on-water shots.

So I spent a good chunk of New Year's Day sitting on the
couch in an R2-D2 nightie, watching the Star Wars prequels
for the very first time. This was my reaction to Jar Jar Binks.
Jar Jar made me do it.

Harry Bear and I were unimpressed by Hayden Christensen
as Anakin Skywalker.

Revenge of the Sith was the best of the three--at least we get
to see how Anakin became Vader. But geez. GEEZ. 


Today's workout brought to you by the 1980s.

She needs a bath (though it's supposed to rain all week, so I'll
put that off) but she still looks gorgeous on the driveway while
I work out. Yup, Sylvie's working out just fine. 

My slowly-growing collection of home workout stuff--hoop,
resistance bands (three strengths, kettlebell, balance board,
agility ladder, yoga mat). More to come!

I have been wanting to learn this since childhood and never
did. So I bought the sheet music. It's not terribly difficult, but
there are three flats to get used to.

Finally getting to the GOOD ones. I'd forgotten how awesome
Harrison Ford was as Han Solo.

I need to use this one more often.

Found this on Facebook and it is SO appropriate for the coming
weeks. No shopping sprees. I have all I need. That money is
going to London!!!

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