Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Tread On My Badass

To the dude at the gym this morning:

Maybe, in your experience, there are women who come to the gym solely to flash a cute booty and flip their hair around while balancing two-pound dumbbells in their hands, though that's not what I see in our club. I see people of all fitness levels who are dedicated to improving their lives and health with exercise. Bravo to us all.

I didn't even notice you at first, because I was swinging a 25-pound kettle bell, using my hips to leverage the weight up in the air, level with my shoulders. It's not a difficult exercise, but it is effective and I do like to focus on my form so I don't do it incorrectly and hurt my back. So when, mid-set, it penetrated my brain that you were behind me, repeatedly calling out, "Look over here!" to my back, I chose to ignore the annoying noise because I immediately assumed you couldn't possibly be bothering me when I was so engrossed in my workout.

But you were. Your eyes were right on me--my backside, really. I could see you looking my way in the mirror in front of me, and I immediately felt annoyed and bothered. Maybe you were trying to be cute, but what you did, instead, was basically harass me. Because you only stopped your endless "Look over here!!" calling when I finally threw you an irritated glance in the mirror. Our eyes met. You were smiling. I was not.

After that, you made no more attempts to get my attention, and for that I am grateful. Grateful that I didn't have to interrupt a really good workout to deal with you. Grateful I didn't have to get rude. I am not a confrontational person but believe me, when you treat me like an object while I'm getting my badass on, it makes me unhappy. The claws will come out next time.


Meg of the LPB

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back To the List

I took a week off from my Weekly Goal List this week, and it was wonderful. While I'm normally very satisfied to tick things off my list as the week goes by, this week, I needed to be away from that level of responsibility. I got very little accomplished, but I did complete my one big goal: to relax and clear my mind from the stress of leading a choir trip so I can focus on the next six weeks.

But a new week is starting. I have tomorrow off, but it's otherwise a normal day in that I've got the gym, and Sac Choral. My list is ready for the week. Bring it on.

Friday, April 18, 2014


I think I'm finally winding down from the craziness that was choir tour. I've spent the last few days being lazy (except for work outs and piano lessons). Today I stopped by my office to drop off some choir sweatshirts I picked up, but I didn't stay long.

I could be doing 101 things for school--lesson planning, planning out next year, etc. etc., but I'm only interested in relaxing right now. The next six weeks are going to be insane (and this is not me being melodramatic). I have two weeks of almost-nightly involvement in rehearsals for the Spring Musical (this in addition to my private music lessons, though a calendar quirk is allowing me to get a week off from that, thankfully). There's prepping my kids for the Spring Concert and (hopefully) singing a song at the graduation ceremony. Regular music lessons, except for that one week off. Regular workouts. My first 10K in a week, and a 5K in May.

Mid-may will find one Saturday with me in Fairfield for a job training (same gig as last summer), then back to Sacramento that evening for rehearsal and a concert for Sac Choral. I almost decided to sit this one out, and still sometimes think I'm stupid not to...but it's Carmina Burana and heavens, how I'm enjoying that piece.

At school there will be the annual testing, a staff meeting this week, and the end-of-year activities will start piling on. Before I know it, these six weeks will be coming to a close and I'll be submitting my grades. I plan to spend some time in June organizing the nooks and crannies of my classroom and office, and Lynn, the band teacher, will be moving into the office with me in June, too. I'm actually excited about this, as we get along well and I won't mind having the company in those rare times we'll both be in there at the same time.

I have a couple of guys actively pursuing meeting up with me on the online dating sphere and I'm just looking at my calendar and wishing I could tell them, "Just...wait 'til June, okay?" I'm actually a bit blase about dating right now, even about That Boy (yeah, still in my life. He just...will be for a while).

So, yes. This week, I rest. Tour took a lot out of me--I joked to Mom at one point that I felt rather like a sheep dog, constantly running in circles trying to keep tabs on my flock. It's exhausting. I trust the kids--they're great--but the rest of the world terrifies me.

I just sounded so much like my mom with that statement.

Tour was a lot of fun, but I was also in a constant state of alertness. I'd go on a ride, scream and laugh my head off, then get off it to immediately check my phone just in case a text had come through and a student needed me. Fortunately, the only texts I got while in Disneyland were questions about meeting times and places. But there was always that possibility, and the responsibility is exhausting.

This week I had my normal piano lesson schedule and a ton of make-ups, but now, for the next three days, I have nothing. Oh, I'll run on Sunday, and go to the gym and Sac Choral on Monday, but otherwise, it's all about relaxing, catching up on my reading, maybe watching a movie or two. I want to do a little bit of cooking so I have some ready-to-go meals during the week, but I enjoy that.

On Tuesday, I hit the ground running again, and it won't let up until May 31st. Blogging might be scarce, especially on weekdays.

Thing is, I can handle it. I'll be tired, and there will be moments of crankiness, but I know I can handle all that needs to be done. So bring it on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #73)

Yeah, so this is more than a week, it's a week plus two days, and I probably won't do a Week in Instagram post this coming weekend because it's Spring Break and I'm recovering from my choir tour.

Also, all those Week in Instagram posts where I say I was busy? I wasn't busy. This week was busy. And hectic. And crazy. And fun.


Shadow of a runner who had just completed 6.5 miles.

The bees were here.

Mom worked in her garden.

So did the bees.


Duchess loves her mom.

The living room.

At Sac Choral.

Student elections week. Huh.

A wonderful gift from my PEST at school. 

I put this on my white board.

Imagine my surprise (and mild dismay) when the minivan I ordered was,
instead, a massive Suburban. But I handled it!



Outside my classroom, bright and early on Thursday morning. 

Dorky High School Choir Teacher (I wasn't driving, we were parked).

The view from my hotel room.

Newport Beach, California

Everyone is welcome at the beach.



Of course I put these up on Instagram!!

Those light sabers would come in handy more than once.

At California Adventure

When I was little, we left Disneyland with Yours Truly crying, "We didn't
ride Dumbo!!!" the whole way out. Dad's shocked I didn't ride it this

Lunch at the Blue Bayou.

Souvenir light-up ice cube.

Haunted Mansion!

The Matterhorn

These days, the balloons light up.


Proud Teacher. : )

Brought a little magic home. Happy to be home!!!

Disneyland swag. I also bought two hoodies, one t-shirt, and some
shortbread cookies.

LOVE this.

This is for my office.

Best souvenir by far. I lost my 23-year-old Mickey watch last summer, and
I was really, really sad. So I bought myself a new one. Love it.