Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #143)

Wait...what day is it?


This is the kind of stuff we have around the house.

This is Callie, our neighbor...and a DESTROYED Sunday

Seven on Sunday! It was a GREAT run.

Teensy-weensy baby lizard.

Lesson Plannin'


My mobile music cart up and ready to go. : )


Sweaty and hot. Hot and sweaty.

Found this on Instagram. YUP.

That's Millie's paw print. I cried when I picked it up. The lady
at the front desk of the vet's office gave me a hug. 

This man sort of terrifies me.

And then yesterday, he asked me out. Sigh.


It was a bun kind of day.

Lunch. Again.

Lesson plannin' some more.


Froggy by our front door.


Cutest shoes!


Breakfast...and lesson plannin'. 

Morning snack.

This was Thursday's workout with Matt. I got to set how many
reps I did at a time, and which order. It was brutal. I felt

Dusk in the garden.

Pretty rose.


Egg shakers!! 

This is a coloring sheet. I'm going to use it for my third graders
to draw some Chumash rock painting figures.

Puppet Friends!!!! I had gotten rid of my previous finger puppets,
so I bought all new. So excited to use them.

Friday night fun.

Pentatonix were amazing. They're so talented.

Handing over five bucks for a rental lawn chair was the best

Time with Summer is always good. 


Agility ladder, kettlebell swings, kettlebell squats, push-ups.
Brutal. And awesome.

So sweaty.

A gift from Summer. : )

Okay, things are going way too far.

It all started chipping an hour later, despite a top coat.
So, off it came. Oh, well. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Swimming Along

Twice this week, my new boss has told me, "We are so excited to have you here."

The first time was on Wednesday, as I wheeled my cart (I've been loosely calling it Meg's Mobile Music in my head) across the street to the church where our kindergarten classes have been meeting. The whole school is in the middle of some growing pains, and the addition of several portables in January will be welcome for everyone, including Yours Truly, who will have a sparkling, beautiful portable all to herself.

But for now, I wheel my noisy cart, which on Wednesday had a tambourine clattering loudly, and I grinned sheepishly at Mrs. Principal as I approached. "I'm the noisy teacher!" I said, as she smiled back at me.

We got chatting for a few minutes, as parents dropped the tiny kinders off for their second week of school. I told her how on Monday, I got my first random student hug, and how it reminded me just how much I love this age group. Of course, I loved my high school students, too--and I was extremely fortunate to have some truly marvelous kids--but there is nothing quite like having a small kid hug you as you wheel your cart down the hallway. It's not terribly convenient, of course, to be hugged mid-walk, but it's sweet. I'm only two weeks in, and the kids love the music teacher.

Yesterday, as I finalized a few details with Mrs. Principal before meeting my Friday Band class for the first time, she mentioned again how excited she is. The day before, she had been in a principal meeting for the district, and a couple of other principals were lamenting that they haven't had any luck finding music teachers. "I sat there thinking, 'Oooh, I'm so lucky!! I've got a great one!' and then I felt bad, because I couldn't share it!"

It feels good to get the praise so early, and I do, indeed, like the school so far. I like what I'm doing--it's a great mix of grade levels, and I've got enough variety in the lesson planning between grade levels that I'll really only do each lesson 2-3 times. Some grade levels have two classes, some have three.

I also have a lot of freedom in my planning, because I'm incorporating the themes the classroom teachers are using. Fourth grade is learning about sound waves, so I've had my head together with the teachers to find ways I can supplement what they're doing during my time with the kids. We're talking about having them build simple instruments, and for an art component, I'm going to have them draw sound waves.

The third grade is talking about California Native Americans, so I will have them listen to some sample songs that I bought on Amazon, and we will look at pictures of rock paintings by the Chumash tribe, and discuss what the symbols meant. Each student will get a coloring page (hilariously, there exists a coloring page of a rock) and they will be encouraged to draw some of the symbols that have meaning to them on their rock.

This is just a sample of what I'm doing. I find that my forty-five minute VAPA periods fly by, and I rarely sit (except, this week, to read "The Remarkable Farkle McBride" to my younger classes--an old favorite of mine, by the brilliant John Lithgow). My prep period flies by, too, as I sit at my desk in the library working on the brand-new (touch screen!!) laptop I was issued this week, listening to Pandora through my earbuds, pausing it occasionally to listen to a sample of a children's song on YouTube or Songs For Teaching.

Of course, these busy days have me exhausted each night, but there's nothing wrong with that. I'm still getting my workouts in, and I'm satisfied by what I do. I'm truly lucky to be able to make a living doing something I love.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Job is going well
The kids are adorable
I am exhausted.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Wrong Foot

A week or two ago, during a workout with Matt, he had me take my shoes off to stand on a foam pad (added instability) while doing a single-leg exercise. He mentioned that day that I can feel free to wear shoes or not when working out in his place, and I found I actually like wearing only socks. So much so, that the last couple of workouts, I've changed from my favorite pair of ballet flats into a pair of boring white gym socks when I get there, then back into my shoes when I leave. Who needs clunky retired running shoes?

This wouldn't be very blog-worthy, but then, in Classic Meg Style, today happened.

Let me just preface this with a wee bit of self-defense: I'm tired. I'm seriously, truly tired. I mean, I am loving the new job, but my body is struggling with this whole get-up-before-the-rooster thing, and the commute, and being on my feet a good chunk of the day. I need another week or two to start settling into it, but meanwhile, I'm reallllly slow on the uptake and maybe a wee bit (a lot) irritable (see Saturday's post). And weepy (see yesterday's).

So when I went to put my right shoe back on after a great workout this afternoon, I was dismayed that it felt...weird. I stuck a finger in there, thinking maybe I had something in the shoe. Nope. I put the shoe back on, wiggled my toes. Still odd.

Then I put the left shoe on. Well, damn. That one felt odd, too! I had remarked to Matt during the process that my shoe felt weird on my foot...then I stopped, looked at him, and said, "Wait..."

"Oh my God, Matt. They're on the wrong feet."

Well, of course he laughed at me.

And that's okay. I laughed at me, too. We both just sat there laughing for a few minutes. Tears--the good, laughing kind--came to my eyes. My face turned bright red as I blushed.

"What I find funny is how long it took you to realize!"


There you have it, folks. The State of Meg's Brain...for now. It's never boring, being me.

I'm still laughing a few hours later.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Paw Print

There's a somewhat-cheesy expression about cats leaving paw prints on our hearts, and of course, I've always found it to be true. I'm approaching two months without Millie, and I still miss her all the time. We're a few weeks shy of what would have been her 16th birthday.

When Millie died, I had the option of ordering a plaster impression of her paw print, so I did that. I figured it would be a nice memento. I was finally able to pick it up today, and as I'd rather expected, when the wonderful receptionist at Sterling Pointe handed it to me and I saw the daintiest little paw print immortalized in plaster, tears rushed to my eyes.

God, I miss her.

Millie had small feet at the end of long, skinny legs. Her paw print is slender. With her collar, it's all I have left of her.

Anyway, it's hitting me hard tonight. In all of the hectic joy of starting a new job, it's easy to forget that it's all very stressful, even though I am enjoying it and know this was a good career move. It's taking my body and brain time to settle in to the new routine and I've found that I'm perhaps a little more prone to moodiness and self-reflection.

A plaster paw print can make me cry.

For now, it's on my desk. At some point, I'll find a new home for it, along with the small print I bought of an angel holding a calico cat (the closest I could get to a torbie, which is what Millie actually was).

In time, I'm sure it won't even hurt so much to think about her.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #142)

This week was Wild and Absolutely True. I started a new job. I turned 37. I befriended a daddy long-legs. And I slept. A lot.


Gu. It's what's for breakfast.

My Sunday runs are getting longer. That's half of a half marathon.


Whole wheat apple-zucchini waffles.



A teacher on her first day of school. 

All of my stuff started to arrive and...yay!

In January, I will get a classroom. For now, I have a desk in the

Went for a walk after work.


The view from my "office."

I'm going to get a newer laptop soon, but I'm amused by the
Russian stickers on this one.


Meet the kids! Turn 37! Take a selfie!

Duckling songs!

Came home to a gift from Maayan--who had no idea I actually
needed a new foam roller!


In the teacher's lounge.


My new friend. He lets me fill my Brita pitcher in peace.


150 recorders. God help me.


Love these.

On Friday, my Birthday Splurge from Amazon arrived. : )


Just me and my kettlebell.

I don't know what these are.

Online dating just gets weirder.

So I get more sarcastic.

The Niners are back!!!

Foam rollin' and rootin' for my boys. 

I saw this on Facebook and had to share it far and wide.
It's basically true. There is a lot of questioning of my life
choices when I run a half.