Saturday, February 06, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #167)

A lot of selfies this week...that's what happens when I curl my hair two different days.


Every day in 2016 so far. I'm sad to break my streak when I
go to London next week (but not too sad, after all, this is
London we're talking about).

How I spent a good chunk of Sunday...thanks to Matt, who made
me do pistol squats on Saturday, which KILLED my calves.

Got a fancy passport wallet.


Finally wore a dress I bought in December. I'd been waiting to
find the "right" shoe but finally thought, "Eff it, I'm wearing it
with my boots."


My kinders made sea creature puppets. 

Morning view.

Rollin' in my Gaelic Storm t-shirt.

Pretty much.


I woke up like this. (Slept in curlers.)

When the Medusa-hair settles down, it actually looks gorgeous.

Op Art

Still looking cute!

Oh, yes. I will. :) 


Music Pizza!


More curls.

I spent my prep period fixing this board up. The kids who painted
it weren't really into it, and it was...messy. I finally got it
looking a lot better. 

This is the forecast for my week in London. Ha!

Come on, who doesn't play ukulele in their R2-D2 nightie?


Women in music get a whole two pages of a large book.

So Target updated their $1.50 socks and I managed to limit
myself to two pairs (mermaids and dinosaurs). I'll get more,
but after my trip.


Selfie in the car window while filling her up with gas.


The last time I used my large suitcase was coming home
from England in August 2005!! I bought new tags (the polka

Selfie with no makeup. It's a long story why I am not wearing
makeup. But I don't think I look horrible.

Mom and Dad's friend Vern has a bunch of model trains in the
back yard and once a year does a Train Day for friends. 

He's built an elaborate system and it's really fun.

After Train Day, Mom, Dad and I went to Folsom.

They wanted to have their anniversary dinner at our favorite
Chinese place in the whole world. The sling is to keep Dad
from lifting his arm while the wires for his new Pacemaker
heal into his heart. 

We've been eating here for almost 30 years and it hasn't changed.
The manager still recognizes us and is always so thrilled
to see us. The service is lovely, and the food is delicious.

I thought my fortune was very appropriate. So far: USA, Canada,
Spain, England, Scotland, France, Ireland, Italy. Not too shabby!

Friday, February 05, 2016

And Suddenly...

Suddenly, I'm just a teensy bit over a week out from my trip and it's occurring to me that there's so much to do. I must plan outfits and buy batteries for my camera. There's itineraries to finish and emails to send to ensure I've got times to see everyone I want to see. There's copying my passport and credit cards--one to leave with Mom and Dad, one to take with me. There's a suitcase to wipe down, as it's covered in dust from being in my storage unit for four years, unused.

The excitement is palpable. And yet, it also feels unreal that it's only one week from tomorrow that I board a plane that will take me back to London.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #166)

Kinda light on pictures this week. Dad had a Pacemaker put in (and is doing great!!), and things were just busy and a bit stressful.

Two weeks 'til London!


Cussing and taking the blame with my favorite British rock star.

These are only available at Valentine's Day, so stock up.

Staples had a sale, so Mom and Dad got me some goodies!

My quiche went a little wild in the oven.

We call this "eclectic taste in music." 


Two Star Wars shopping bags, lunch bag, work bag, purse,
ukulele, and a bunch of plastic Easter eggs. All in one trip
from the car. 

My kinders did some magazine-cutting-and-pasting. This was
my sample. :) 

Post-gym smug satisfaction. 

Mark your calendars! 


The 100th day of school in Kindergarten.

London on the brain.

Reading in bed with Duckie.


Acrylic paint. I'm so sick of acrylic paint.

But the boards are done, and they look awesome!

I'm getting to be a fan of a quiet night-time run. 


"When I am 100..." So cute!

Mom's first text to me on Thursday. The wait was brutal.

This message promptly made me burst into tears at my desk (it
was lunch time, fortunately, not teaching time).

An old family joke...and proof that Dad was feeling good. 


First grade teacher asked if I could maybe come up with a chant
about sources of light. Oh, can I. I'll be rapping it over the bass
riff to Queen's "Under Pressure." 

Give yourself a standing ovation for surviving the week!


Gained a few pounds this morning. 

Then I went to Matt's (he kindly rescheduled at last-minute
on Thursday so I could help Mom out). He has a hoverboard
to play with. 

Sylvie's first trip through a touchless car wash. All the recent
rain had her looking dusty.

Coming soon: daffodils! 

A new bud on Millie's Rose. 

Another rose bush.