Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hula Hoop for Christmas

In that ever-annoying holiday ditty, "Christmas Don't Be Late," Alvin, Simon and Theodore (The Chipmunks) sing about what they want for Christmas.  Alvin, being Alvin, gets increasingly whinier about his desire to receive a hula hoop (rather than a plane that loops the loop--frankly, I think he's got his priorities a little mixed up). 

Well, Alvin, I got a hula hoop for Christmas.


It all goes back to fitness (it always does). See, Matt has a weighted fitness hoop--not your standard Wal-Mart hula hoop, but one designed to give a decent core workout while also being kinda fun. We use it from time to time, and I've gotten pretty good at keeping it going for longer periods of time...to the point where Matt will say, "You can stop," and I'll reply, "Okay...but can I see how long I can keep it up?" (He always grins and says, "Of course!")

When he first got it, he mentioned putting in an order for any clients who might want one of their own. "Don't buy one on your own," he told me. "I can get a discount if I order in bulk."

Several weeks went by, and I don't know if any other clients wanted a hoop, but every time I used his in a workout, I enjoyed it, and figured it would be fun to add some hooping to my home workouts for a bit of core work (and I want to try skipping with it, as I did with the smaller, lighter hoops of my childhood). So a couple of weeks ago, I asked if he'd be ordering any, or should I just go ahead and get one on my own?

"No, no, I'll order it!" 

A week later, he mentioned putting in the order. "It's not a Prime item, so I don't know when it will get here."

"Oh, no worries, it arrives when it arrives. How much do I owe you?"



"Nothing." Then he smiled at me. "Merry Christmas."

Well, damn, hard to argue with that. So I didn't. And that is how I got a hula hoop for Christmas.

My hoop arrived last week, but I didn't meet with Matt on Thursday as normal. When I got to his place today, there it was, put together and ready for me. I'm already planning to use it in tomorrow morning's cardio session. It's not the most taxing workout, but it is great for the core and it's just plain fun to use. (Plus, it totally matches my purple Under Armour shoes.)

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