Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #161)

What a lovely Christmas week it was!


After several days of feeling awful, it was nice to work
out, even it if it was really, really easy.

Sylvie's gas mileage in the average work week. About four to
five miles to the gallon better thatn RoPro.

On Sunday, I had several inches of hair chopped off. It doesn't
look like a lot, but it felt like about ten pounds of dead weight.

Love this.

I spent a lot of time making cards this week. Perfect "recover
from a sinus infection" activity!

I made these for Mom, using prints of Instagram shots I took of
her garden all spring and summer.

Fun with patterns and colors.


Sylvie and I drove to Emeryville--her first longer day trip.

We met Summer for brunch at Rudy's.

Then Summer drove us into the city.

Rainy day in San Francisco.

Our mission: brave the holiday crowds.

Happiness is the Macy's shoe department.

Snoopy from the other side.

Macy's Holiday Lane

Union Square

Every year, the Humane Society of San Francisco puts adoptable
cats and dogs in the windows. In the three weeks they'd been
there, there'd been 168 adoptions!

There's a teeny, tiny, adorable puppy in there. It's black and
white. The brown is a toy.

We stopped by Tiffany...sadly, they no longer sell Christmas
ornaments. I'm glad I have my candy cane.

Dinner at Boudin.


If you squint, you can just make out a world-famous bridge in
the fog and mist.

It took us two hours to get from Pier 39 to Market Street. If you're
not familiar with SF, that's a nightmare. And that's traffic.


I got a hula hoop for Christmas! 

I also got a really cute Snoopy card, which was above and beyond.

The ornament detaches. : )

Hot buttered rum. We didn't have the mix so I just put butter,
brown sugar, cinnamon, rum, and my special ingredient:
cinnamon imperials. It was amazing.


My first long walk in ages!! 

Came home and played with my new hoop. It matches my shoes.

Managed to take a window selfie while hooping.

Saw these at Safeway. LOVE.

Went out to hoop some more and got a few pics of the
garden in winter.

I had to make Grinch Crinkle Cookies.

"Maybe his heart was ten sizes too small..."

So this happened, and it was amazing. Mom agreed.

Christmas collage

Tree lights.

This is getting WAY out of hand.

Dad bought Mom roses. : )

I finally saw Star Wars (it was awesome).

Oops! Later, in the parking lot, I had to empty a piece out of
my boot. 

Dad liked the sweater I got him. 

Mom and Dad gave me two beautiful, special pieces: Mom's
original engagement ring (before Dad could afford a diamond),
and a gold and jade bracelet. They recently had a bunch of
Mom's jewelry cleaned and fixed (the bracelet's clasp had
been broken) and they wanted me to have these while they
are still around to watch me enjoy them. 

After gifts, I made more cards. Gotta thank people! (This one
ended up going to Matt, for the hula hoop and Snoopy card.)

We watched old episodes of Hill Street Blues.

Friday: Merry Christmas!!

I went for a long walk--about five miles.

Found this long the trail and loved the whimsy that inspired
someone to take a couple of ornaments out that far.

Incredible, gorgeous roast.


The table. Mom and Dad invited their long-time Air Force
friends, Vern and Claire. They have hosted us a few times in the
past five years, so it was our turn.

The ring. : )

Yours Truly

The roast came out GORGEOUS.

Excellent food, excellent company. 

Claire gives Mom a White House ornament every year. They're
really lovely.

Well, this was awesome.


I found an online countdown, which told me only 48 days (!!!)
'til I leave for London. 


A little creation of mine.

Saturday night--wine and cookies with Sarah.

At one point, she gently slapped my knee with one hand and
said, "I'm glad you live nearby." Me too, Sarah. Me too. <3 td="">

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