Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #160)

Two words for this week: Sinus. Infection.

One more word: Brutal.


The thing is, I really, really WANT to build the $70 LEGO

After a busy weekend with the Sac Choral concert, a Sunday
lie-down was in order.

This smells so amazing.

Christmas Bear. Grandma Bean gave us this one, so he's very

Dear a V-neck, please?


Sunny Monday before the chaos.

The TK class does the cutest crafts. The teacher has too much
fun with them.

Salad and supplements.

Meowy Christmas

I can't wait to see them, either, so we're even. ;) 

The Star Wars Apples are a step too far, but THIS is brilliant.


So wish I could have watched this all on NASA TV! Alas,
there was work to be done.

Handbells and teachers with sniffles. My cold wasn't getting
any better...

So there was soup for lunch, and a kick-ass workout that afternoon.

Tuesday night I had to make a custom order for Etsy, then I went
to bed...


After three hours of sleep and crying in the shower, I made it
to work because my kids needed to rehearse.

At least the rehearsing was CUTE.

I took off work early to go to Kaiser, where they made me wear
this as a precaution. The verdict: Sinus infection. And it
proceeded to knock me on my ass. 

Just something I found.


Too tired to cook much, I had Jamba for breakfast.

The stage was set for Winter Celebration.

Nine glorious hours of sleep and a lot of meds later...

Antlers! Red noses! I die!!!

We have a Fijian Club at our school. They learn the language
and the dances and culture. 

Frozen...and a TON of Olafs. 

Snowflake dancers.

For my middle school VAPA class, we did edible art. I heard
a seventh grade boy say, "This is the coolest thing ever!!" 

Edible Art and "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown."

I still had one more day to power through.

Stopped at Walgreen's, and took my love of leggings to the
next level.


This is my "Last Day Before Winter Break!!!" face.

Band played in the Winter Celebration, so for the rest of our
class period, we joined the Health and Nutrition class in
the library, to watch some A Charlie Brown Christmas.

While they watched, I prepped for my Art class. 

One more day of Merry Mess-Making!

The kids loved it. "Can we eat them?" "Of course!! That's the
whole point!!" 

Chipotle donated food for our staff holiday party.

And we played a game that involved sucking M&Ms up with
straws. Sadly, my lungs were NOT up to it, and I kept

So I didn't get the $70 set, but settled instead for a cheaper, but
still awesome, set.

Christmas lights on the wood floor.

When you're sick and sleepy, cuddles are just the thing.

Fuzz Head.


That's an expectorant (mucous-dissolver), an antibiotic, and
ibuprofen. There but for the grace of modern meds go I.

I gave myself a wee facial. 

Later in the day, after a lot of reading and napping, I set up
my card-making stuff. 

Atlas post cards. 

Now I'm making some larger folded cards, as well. I found
these great "vintage" airline poster cards and they work
really well with the maps.

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