Saturday, May 02, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #127)

After taking over 100 Instagram pictures in two days in Anaheim...this week was a bit slower.


This is called "Disney Hangover." 

To survive the long bus ride.

Interstate 5, heading north.

Dinner at Panda, to go. 

Home Sweet Home with my girl. 

Back to showering at the gym. 

Staff Appreciation Week at the Large Suburban High School.

One of my Disney souvenirs. I bought two Donald keychains!

Facebook's On This Day reminded me that a year ago, I ran
my first 10K. I had NO plans at that point to run a half.
Or a second half. How much can change in a year...

Eye makeup, on point.

Can't get home to run? Gym. Duh.

Mom is still busy. 

Garden Time.

Mom found this old kettle at a flea market and it looks great.

Dad bought solar-powered bulbs for the garden. 

They're very pretty.

A new pen. 


The Aqua Aerobics crew likes to leave their towels in their
lockers, then slop water all over the locker room floor, benches
and toilet seats, under the assumption that the rest of us want
to risk breaking our necks and bask in the chlorinated goodness
of their mess. 

Red and white.

So, this happened. I've been wanting to do it for ages!


Lynn's assistant, Wade, gave me this duck. It's a drummer. 

This Jamba Juice habit is getting out of hand.

This is a makeup- and filter-free selfie. Girl,
you do NOT need makeup. You just like to wear
it to work.

Purring and dozing. 


After a busy Friday, a fun Saturday and a relaxing Sunday.

The twins (who had a mini-crisis-but-not-really-a-crisis at
Disneyland) gave me this to thank me for helping them find
each other. I might have had a sniffle or two. So sweet.

Ended my day with a workout and felt great. 


Found this at Target. It has cinnamon in it and it's delicious.

I skipped most of my laundry last weekend, being in Anaheim.
Did one load upon returning, so I'd have underwear. So by
Friday, my hamper was OUT OF CONTROL. 

Started looking at the syllabus. Waiting on my book to arrive.

Saturday morning lie-in.

I adore this girl.

This is Tilly. She's a sweetie. I smell like cat. 

Abandoned shoes at the mud run.

Finished. This is the *clean* part!

Julia and two of her cheer friends from school. They ROLLED
in it.

Sarah and I merely crawled.

The mud made it look like I had elephant skin.


After I hosed off. 

Mud. Everywhere. I don't even want to talk about the panties
I wore today.

These Brooks ran the Urban Cow half (and the training for it).
After, I bought a new pair of running shoes, and retired these
to use at the gym. I wore them all over Disneyland last week.
Today, I destroyed them. A life well-lived for a pair of shoes.

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