Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Itty Bitty Fitty

I'm about two weeks into having my FitBit now, and for the most part, I'm remembering to use it daily. I still sometimes forget to take it off a pajama top or a gym top (I change several times a day, what can I say?) and thus I've had to fish it out of my laundry basket a few times. But when I remember it, it's a very good tool for monitoring my activity and making myself move more. Ten thousand steps in a day is harder than it sounds, even for a teacher.

Except when you're at Disneyland.

I had read somewhere about a woman who tracked her steps at the Disney parks on her FitBit, and she walked something like 12 miles in one day. I didn't get that far, but my stats are still impressive:

Friday--two four-hour stints at Disneyland
and time at the college for singing.

Saturday--twelve hours at Disneyland,
and a lot of sitting in the later afternoon
because my sciatica was acting up a bit.

It's also interesting to note that my FitBit has already had one unfortunate plunge...into a toilet. That's what I get for clipping it so the body of it was outside of my jeans pocket, rather than in, as I usually wear it. I was at work, and a bit desperate for the loo because of all the water I drink at work, and one careless flick of my hand as I pulled my jeans down sent the FitBit flying. Plop!

Fortunately, it remained unfazed. Turns out the rubbery little case that clips to my clothing is pretty water-tight. I took the device out and let it air a bit anyway (and, you know, wiped it down even though fortunately, the toilet water was un-spoiled when the FitBit flew in). It didn't stop or pause one bit, and hasn't had any problems since.

I might upgrade to the wristband FitBit that tracks sleep, but I'm still researching and exploring my options before I spend the money. I'm glad I won this one (I never win raffles!!) and have a chance to play around with it--the app is very useful, as is the web page.

'Til I decide, my little Zip is doing just fine. It counts side-to-side stepping as "walking," so I like to do a little dance while doing things that involve standing, like brushing my teeth or preparing a cup of tea. Hey, it's movement!

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