Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #124)

So last week was Spring Break and utterly lazy. This week...well, it rhymes with "lazy."


"Spring Break is over?! But what about my cuddling needs?!"

Just another gorgeous day in Lincoln.

Lone hawk. Sounds like a bad country band name.

He's so photogenic.

Rain!!! Just a little on Sunday, but still. RAIN.

Raindrops on roses...

Mom and I had some champagne with our Easter dinner.

I found my old training journal from back when I worked with
Matt the Reasonable. He used to laugh as he read it. : )

Not only is it cruel to go back after a week off, but they made
us go to an all day "training." Cruel and unusual.

I know I'm not the only teacher with these thoughts. I might
be the only one who makes a haiku out of them, though.

Lunch break. Reflected in my glasses: hundreds of high
school teachers.

New bicep curl record for me!

Bringing it to every single workout. 

Monday night...with clarinet. 


We got a good dumping of rain on Tuesday. No where near
enough to ease the water crisis, but every little bit is cause
for celebration.

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightning...

Cali Swimmy has some suggestions for changes.

Second dress rehearsal.

Two of these three kids are choir kids. : ) 

The main leads: Sky Masterson, Sarah Brown, Nathan Detroit
and Adelaide.



Tabata Day means a lot of sweat. 


Squeezing the Day at Jamba Juice.

Final Dress Rehearsal. The blue t-shirt is our drama teacher.

Me, David, Lynn, hanging out in the pit.

Clarinet Face.


The first lazy-ish day all week. I had a lot more time at home
than usual.

Found my next half. It's in November. I will be chased
by people in blerch costumes. Bring. It. On.

Mom worked in her garden, so I went out there in the afternoon
and took more pics.

The contents of my purse.

Opening Night. Lynn gives the pit orchestra gifts every night
of performances.

Intermission selfie.


Wore my cast shirt on Friday.

This is me...not getting much done.

Post-workout pout because my sciatica was pretty bad and
even walking hurt.

Dinner at the Large Suburban High School. Again.

Hanging out on set.

Desperate times (after finding my missing tape dispenser)
call for passive-aggressive sticky notes.

Night two gift. 

Pre-performance rehearsal action shot.


"You get to stay home today??? WE CUDDLE!!!" 

I had a massage. It was wonderful.

Back at work in the evening. Again. 

Another gift.

Deputy Meg and her clarinet.

"We heard you had cookies?" 

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