Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Music: Steam Powered Giraffe

I have a fairly strict don't-check-at-home policy for my work email, though there are exceptions. Last night was one of them, as I needed to check where today's all-day staff in service day would be held. After more than a week of no email-checking, it wasn't surprising that I had a ton of new messages (mostly spam, or stuff from CMEA). Among the junk, however, was a message from a student, asking if we could ever do a song she loves called "Honeybee" by Steam Powered Giraffe.

I had never heard of this band, and I admit that as I headed off to YouTube to look up this song, I had my doubts...but it's only fair that I give it a listen, as my kids listen to music of my choosing all the time. Besides, I like to know what my kids are into musically.

To my surprise, the song was marvelous. And the band is entertaining. Apparently they're more than a simple band--they incorporate acting and an almost vaudeville essence into their live shows--and as they perform, they are always in character, which is steampunk robots.

It's all quite confusing, but also...entertaining. Anyway, they have some musical chops.

I'm glad I gave my student's music a chance! I can see myself buying some of their stuff on iTunes. 

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