Sunday, April 05, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #123)

Oh Spring Break...don't leave me. PLEASE, don't leave me.

The coming week, I have to be at school every night for the Spring Musical.


My first "run" since the Shamrock'n Half two weeks before.
I did more walking than running, and that's okay.

I just love how pretty Lincoln is, and I'm glad a lot of it has
been preserved.

"And if you see my shadow..." (Keane reference)

The itsy-bitsy spider...

Near home. It's already starting to turn yellow for the summer.

Coming Soon: Mom's hydrangeas.

Spring Break and Pay Day all at once!!

Her front legs are between her back legs, and the cuteness
slays me.


Manicure. It didn't last long (it never does).

Catching up on The Young Turks.


New milestone for my bench press. 

I went on a digging expedition at the used bookstore.

Came away with some good ones!

A little afternoon project. 

Tea for me, tea for Dad.

I like green, or something.

This piece is...hard to like.

Really, really hard to like.

Have cat, will cuddle.


"Why are you still in bed?! Are you okay? Are you sick?!!"
"Millie, it's called Spring Break. I'm allowed to be lazy."

Blogging about running. 

These peas come from a local stand where we get our
strawberries and holy cow, they're delicious.

Mom's poppies are thriving.

So are the roses.

I sat and read for a while on Tuesday. Nice!

Later, I met Sarah for some catch-up, and we had a Happy
Hour drink called Vickie's Vixen. Apple Juice,
was amazing.

To read all night, or not to read all night? That is the question.
(Answer: I fell asleep, ha.)


I dropped some stuff off at the local thrift store, run by Field
Haven cat rescue...and of course I had to visit the adoption room
to say hello!

Later on, it was Leg Day.

When your post-gym snack matches your shirt.

Mom has a knack for this.

She's so cute.


I brought this home from my office to hang above my piano.

Added this next to it.

Later, I would add another frame, from the Urban Cow.

Poppies. :) 

I got Millie a new collar.

Because OF COURSE I picked this one.

Birds at PetSmart.

Showing off her dapper little bow.


My happy place.

Whole Foods

Toilet Paper Roll garden at Whole Foods.

Because nothing says "Easter" like an egg-covered cross.

Mom and I did a puzzle.

I added the Urban Cow frame to the mix.


Well, the Bucket List just gained an item.

"Show my pretty bow off for Caturday, please?"

In honor of Outlander returning from a LONG mid-season
break, I made oatcakes.

Earlier in the post, there was one poppy. 

Can you find Bella? 


This is the Cooper tartan. I snapped a pick of it in honor of
Outlander. Then I got busy watching. 

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