Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I never win raffles, so imagine my surprise when I logged into my work email at the end of Spring Break to find the news that I'd won a FitBit Zip, which has a retail value of about $60. I'd been thinking of getting one of the pricier wrist band FitBits, so I was excited that I won this one--to use as a sort of starter to see if I like it.

Yesterday, the school nurse, who led the whole Healthy Trails staff competition in which I earned the raffle tickets to begin with, saw me in the office and said, "You need to get your FitBit!"

Today, I started setting it up and I've found it super-easy so far. The Zip is simple--it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. If I upgrade, I could also monitor heart rate and even sleeping patterns. I might just do that at some point because I love how easy it is to sync the FitBit to my computer or phone, and keep track of my activity. I like knowing how many calories I'm burning in a day of normal activity, which can have me doing a lot of stand-up-sit-down-and-again kind of activity at school. And, of course, my workouts.

We'll see how good I am about remembering to wear it. Today it rode along inside my bra at work, and outside of my shirt during my afternoon run. I figure if I keep it near my phone when I'm not using it (at night), I'll remember it first thing in the morning...until the day comes when I buy a wrist band and just wear it constantly.

Look at me, getting all tech-savvy!

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