Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #125)C

As many pictures as I've been taking lately, expect it to at least triple this week...I'm going to Disneyland!!


This hawk stopped in my path.

We've been making mulch out of fruit peelings and coffee

Belly rubs.

Sunday Sisters

Mom and Dad bought an umbrella for the garden.

Yoga. Way more difficult than it looks, but SO effective.


Pink jewelry kind of day.

Handed out the tour packet. 

I finally remembered to pick up my new FitBit Zip. Won it
in a raffle!

Little Miss Cuddles.


It's mocking me.

From Renaissance to Rock, 'cause we're cool like that.


Yay, running!

The goats and sheep are back to help trim things down.

Not a bad first day!


Getting my sweat on at the gym.

I clean up well.

I covered a class for a colleague who has surveillance cameras
in his room. He's a bit odd.

"Why are you on the floor?!"
Yoga, Millie. Yoga.

My friend and colleague, Terry. He teaches...guitar. : )


This lizard was on the fence about all these sheep.

We had three more nights this week, and the pit gifts from
Lynn continued.


It's on! I'm registered for the Beat the Blerch Half.

Day of Silence. Some of my kids participated. 

Our award-winning school paper is always on it.

They see me rollin'...again...

A funny line from the play, and fuzzy dice.

I'm biased, but I think clarinets are beautiful.


Someone on Twitter told me to be aware that the Meowfia
is watching me...

More garden pics.

We don't actually drink beer. Mom just uses it to repel slugs.

Solar-powered lights.

What, you DON'T carry a pitch-pipe in your purse?

Closing night.

A Girl and her clarinet.

All of the pit gifts from six shows. 

Pit selfie!

Lynn in action.

Sarah Brown preaching to New York's sinners.

Charlie the Horse, Nicely Nicely Johnson, and Benny, talking
about the crap game.

Crapshooter's Ball

Sit down, you're rockin' the boat...the kid in front there is in
choir this semester. Great kid!
As I mentioned, this week, my intrepid little duck and I are taking 11 teenagers to Disneyland. It should be a fun trip, and Cali is beside himself because he will get to meet his idol, Donald Duck, again.

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