Sunday, February 15, 2015

San Francisco In Pictures

As mentioned in the Week in Instagram post below, I spent a day in San Francisco yesterday. I actually took some pictures with my camera for a change, not just my iPhone, so I thought I'd share them here. San Francisco is a very photogenic city, with amazing architecture and a colorful personality. Yesterday was sunny and clear (I wore a t-shirt all day and into the evening). All photos are unedited, so the photographers who may view this, forgive my lack of skillz.

Plenty of seagulls hanging out with the sea lions of Pier 39.

The Buena Vista is a San Francisco institution. We stopped in for an Irish

The place was packed.

Famous SF Trolley

The Golden Gate

This and the next few were taken through a window on a moving trolley
while I listened to a dude respond to one of the Muni workers with "Yeah,
yeah, yeah" over and over and over. With his rear in my face.

Finally free of Mr. Yeah Yeah Yeah's rear end, we got off
at Chinatown,

Chinese New Year is this week, so Chinatown was
packed, with the streets blocked off for a huge outdoor

Chinese New Year cards--red is a color of good luck in the new year.

Different intersections had various statues of the zodiac

Not the most exciting picture, but this was a performance of a traditional
Chinese opera. We could hear it while we ate. 

Another not-so-great pic--I was walking. 

I love the light in this one, hitting the buildings.

I took this while crossing (I did not stop) to show the hills (and a very faint
view of the Bay Bridge).

A bit blurry, but I still love this shot.

Huge jars of mushrooms.

Meghan and The Roz.

The Bay Bridge was all lit up, and absolutely gorgeous. This was the best
shot I could get of it. 

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