Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #85)S

It was a week of selfies...and there is a reason for that.


Lesson planning

The teacher answer guide is...wrong, but right.

Definitely wrong.

So wrong it's painful.

All those wrong answers wore me out, so I watched a movie.

Monday Selfie

New goal: use my balance board more often. Like when
brushing my teeth.


My lesson talked about gender generalizations, so...
The kids loved it.

Tuesday Selfie

Post card from Aaron. I had to laugh. (Yes, I know that's
where I was born.)


Wednesday--no school, so...CRAFTS!!!

Mom dried out some zinnias last year, and saved the seeds.
This year, she's growing new zinnia plants!

Sunny day in the garden.

So many tomatoes.

Wednesday, post-gym selfie.


Part of my lesson talked about literature, so I took some
awesome books. They all knew Harry Potter, The Hunger
Games, and The Fault In Our Stars. Some knew The Book


Very odd Friday morning clouds...and...

The tiniest bit of rain. In July. 

Complete with rainbow. 

Friday selfie.

By Friday afternoon, I was in Oakland, visiting Summer.

We went on a Saturday adventure.

Downtown Santa Cruz.

Cali approves of the mural.

In a great bookstore.


Juicy patties and hot buns.

Random iPhone sign pics.

Beach Boardwalk

Meg and Summer

Lemon drop martini.

At the beach.

It may be July. It may be California. But this is NorCal,
and that water is COLD.

Obligatory selfie with duck.

Cookies & Cream...and Caramel Corn. With real popcorn
in it. Santa Cruz' Penny Ice Creamery is THE BEST.

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