Saturday, July 05, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #84)

Things are getting busy again, as I start my summer teaching gig, battle nasty summer heat, and keep running.


Pre-run stretching.

The run-walk method is proving to be effective. The top
was Sunday's run. The bottom, same run, straight running.

Sweaty, red, feeling good.

Injured dragonfly. :( 

This is how we Sunday.

The back foot cracks me up. She likes the table because
it's cool.

Making confetti.

Foam rolling like a boss. In a nightgown.

Stopped in to get some Gu Chomps.

Stopped by PetCo. They had adoptable rescue bunnies.

Hamster butts!

Got a new collar for Millie, some ear wipes,
and some dental treats.

Here AGAIN?! Yeah, just dropping stuff off.

Very pretty, Ms. Mill. 

Watching the World Cup with my duck. How 'bout that
Tim Howard?

Rubbed my fingers a little raw crossing them. Didn't help
the US team.

Lat pull-downs.

My phone wound up on the Apple Ambulance for a quick
emergency surgery. 

An old favorite. I've had this book over 20 years. The author
passed away on Wednesday, so I pulled it out for a re-read.

Welcoming students from Austria, Norway, Taiwain, Spain,
and Italy. : )

My domain for the next few weeks.

This was NOT in the job description.

So I pawned it off on the dude.

Blogging about my hands.
Happy Birthday, USA.

Big ole praying mantis.

I will NOT run this one again. The course SUCKED.

Patriotic ponytail. 

Strawberries, pound cake, blueberries, marshmallows.

Margaritaville, population: 1.

Our spread.


Date 2 with a nice dude landed us at a bar on Sutter Street
in Historic Folsom, where I saw this. 
So there's my week. As for the dude? We'll see. He's nice. Allergic to cats, but nice.

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