Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Body Project, Part 4

So, the original intention was to blog for The Body Project every day this month. That, obviously, hasn't happened. I got busy/lazy. So I think I'll just make it an ongoing thing here at the LPB.

Today, I want to celebrate my arms. I have a love/hate relationship with them, mostly because while the forearm, from my elbow to my wrists, are lean, the upper arm is both really muscly (good) and kinda pudgy (sigh).

I have to remind myself, constantly, that these arms are amazing. They can bench press about 50 pounds, they can do rows. They give great hugs. They are strong, warm, and they are exactly as they're supposed to be.

I had Summer take a picture of me yesterday, in Santa Cruz, standing under a Cooper Street sign. I'm not entirely crazy with how my upper arms look in this shot, but I love the shot itself. There I am, in all my glory, pointing up at the sign because that's my one else pays attention to my arms. Only I do. I'm smiling hugely, having a fun day out with a very dear friend. There was toes-in-sand in my immediate future, and the sound of the ocean, and ice cream. Life is good.

And my arms are just fine.

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