Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #79)

Aside from a few specific adventures over the coming weeks, my weekly Instagram posts will be slightly less nutty for a while. Then it will be August, and the madness will begin again. 


I was going to try for 7, but 5 sufficed.

Posted with the caption: #YesAllWomen You see a random
dude on the sidewalk. I see the potential for danger."

Mom's hydrangeas. I love all the different "levels" in the
blooming you can see.

Tired, tired runner.

It might be a holiday, but badasses don't take holidays.

My annual Memorial Day viewing. 

Mom is popular.

Tiny green inchworm. Poor thing was getting blown around
in the wind.


A year ago, I bought one of these. I kept it alive for about
six months. I'm trying again. Poor thing might have just
received it's death sentence.


No more grass. Mom and Dad are getting the back patio

My pest gave me drumstick pencils and an iTunes gift card.

I didn't tear up at this. No, not me. Uh-uh. No way. *sob*

Remembering a legend. I like to share quotes with my kids,
and even though it was a very informal day for us, I left
this wisdom on the board.

Hard to make the bed sometimes...

Can you spot the lizard?

I saw the tiniest monarch butterfly while walking home from
my run.

A student gave me this. It's like they know me or something.
I was even wearing a green dress when she gave it to me.

Came home to this. : )

Of course graduation rehearsal was running behind.

My "I hate waiting" face.

Surveying my domain, feeling proud.

I stopped by Fleet Feet and this is SUPER EXCITING.

Pretty new running shoes. 

Mom's friend no longer wants her 1960s wedding dress.
She told Mom to use it for her crazy quilting. 

More pics of the dress.

Just hangin' out on a Friday afternoon.

The sun rises over a Large Suburban High School on
graduation day.

The pink signifies a performing arts degree. The red is
for Chico State. Every staff member is different. 

Three choir students lined up to graduate. 

Astro Turf smells horrid in the sun (burnt rubber).

My kids sang the National Anthem--a group of underclassmen with five graduating seniors (and me, to beef up the sound a bit). They did a beautiful job. My heart was racing the whole time!! I'm proud of them...and I'm proud of myself. I've learned and grown a lot this year.

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