Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In the Books

Well, that's one year down, thirty to go.

Today was the first of two Finals days, starting with 3rd and 4th periods. Choir is 3rd period, so we met bright and early at 7:45. I gave a little final, then we watched a movie and ate donuts. Well, the kids did. I got some work done at my desk.

What a year.

It hasn't been without its roller coaster moments, and I wouldn't exactly say that my chosen career path is stress-free (have you ever been responsible for a gaggle of teenagers on a road trip to Anaheim?), but this year has been different than any other year in my teaching career. I feel like I have so much more confidence, and it's manifesting itself in great ways. Suddenly, instead of wishing I'd done better in my conducting classes at Chico, I'm getting up there and thinking, "To hell with proper conducting, just communicate and these kids will get it." And they do.

Rather than apologize for my lack of accompanying skills on piano, I just laugh off the bad notes and do my best to pound out the baritone part with one hand while conducting with the other (and singing alto).

There is nothing quite like knowing you've landed in a good place, a place that is worth staying for a while, building something great. In knowing that you are finally the person who is ready for this, that life and the universe steered you to this point down a winding path with various lessons in survival and disappointment, in addition to success, to land here, where you can plant your roots and watch them grow.

Do I have a lot to learn yet? I certainly do.

I'm up for it.

What a crazy, exciting, fun, maddening, whirlwind year it's been. Let's have another, shall we?

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