Sunday, June 01, 2014

Slow Down!!

I've been rushing around so much lately--concerts, workouts, piano lessons, etc., etc.--that I am finding it hard to slow down. This is laughable, because I'm exhausted. Nonetheless, there it is. I'm furiously typing my To Do List for the coming week, trying to get my laundry finished, and looking around thinking I ought to do this and get that done before the week starts tomorrow.

Except...I don't have much this week.

I'm going hiking tomorrow, to Lake Tahoe with a bunch of colleagues. That will be fun, but once it's done, I've got the rest of the week stretching ahead of me with nothing but long runs, gym workouts, and piano lessons. Far less rushing around, a lot of time to relax with a book. I want to get a few things done at school, but that can wait a week. We'll see how I feel.

It's all kind of beautiful and


Yeah, so apparently I'm better at this slowing down than I thought. Because I wrote all of that, above, then stretched out on my bed, nose in book, for a good hour, at least.

Bring on summer vacation, ya'll.

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