Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #78)

The week had two concerts, several long-ass days, a lot of exhaustion, one 5K race, one public incident of barfing, not enough sleep, a heaping serving of satisfaction, and then ended with two days in a row of long afternoon naps (Friday and Saturday).

One more week 'til Summer Vacation, and believe me...I need some summer vacation right now.


Uh, totally giving away the name of my Large Suburban
High School.

And therefore, I'm helping my own program in a roundabout

Emerald Brigade gives us some pep.


Making beer bread for a Sac Choral potluck.

Turns out beer bread muffins are way easier to deal with
than a loaf.

My sweet baby girl.

At the potluck

Run time. Glad I got a little 5K in before a crazy day.

All the stress is worth it when the kids thank me. : )

Lynn invited me to get ice cream with her family. This was

Trolling my kids.

My bun and my booty made it into the yearbook.

My staff pic makes me look about 12.

How is this possibly comfortable?

Butterfly dress, as worn by a bored piano teacher.

Blog idea!! I've started the post but been too lazy to finish
it this weekend.

Runner's legs, green Chucks.

Getting a head start on my fall syllabus.

"You're home!!! You've been gone so much this week, but
I see you're in pajamas, so you must be home for a while
and I really need a cuddle, some ear scratches, my butt
patted, some sweet talk, and maybe a dish of tuna..."

Happy Caturday, Duckie!

Duchess Fuzzy Buns.

I made it...five minutes?...with the book before passing out.
This week is less crazy, but there's end-of-year duties to complete, and a national anthem to sing at graduation. So it's busy, but at least I'll be in bed at a decent time every night. And I get to see Summer on Sunday.

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