Monday, May 26, 2014


My school year is winding up this week, and as I reflect on the crazy months that have just flown past me, I'm struck with pride. It feels really good. And yet, I've been on since August, with very little chance to sit back and be alone...I'm not really an introvert, so much, but I do require some "me time" to be happy. Since April, that "me time" has been scarce.

I'm not complaining. I get a lot of joy from what I do, and again, I am very proud of what I've accomplished this year. But when this gorgeous three-day weekend rolled around, I knew exactly what I needed: alone time.

Most people flock to their friends on weekends like this, but I have been around people pretty much constantly--students, colleagues, the parents, piano clients, etc. etc. and this weekend, I really just wanted to be with myself. Sure, I've had some lovely chats with Mom and Dad, but mostly, I've hung out in my BatCave, doing a little of the social media thing, but also reading, napping, and relaxing. I've had two glorious long naps this weekend.

I think it's hard for some people to understand; certainly in the online dating game. I made the mistake of mentioning in a message to a new guy that I had a lovely free weekend. "Let's get together!" he suggested, and I found myself backtracking a little, not wanting to go to the effort of putting on makeup, choosing an outfit, driving somewhere, and being Social Meg for a couple of hours. He took it as a rejection.

It's not a rejection, it's just a deep-rooted need I have to be by myself every once in a while.

Tomorrow I'm back to work, and I feel rested and ready to face the world again. I am making plans to see friends soon, and looking forward to getting out more. But this weekend, I really just needed to crawl into my personal space and hang out with myself for a long weekend.

Good thing I enjoy my own company. ; )

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