Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I nearly burst into frustrated, panicked tears when a traditional slide show wouldn't work 20 minutes before my concert.

Yesterday, I spent a day running around trying to get all the last-minute (and not-so-last-minute) things done for my Spring Concert.

Yesterday, I had a frustrating period of choir in which two kids tried to pull the "you didn't teach us this, it's your fault we don't know it," thing (in reality, both have missed a lot of class time, and haven't always taken the time they are there seriously).

Yesterday, I woke up at 4:30, thoughts racing through my head.

Yesterday was tough.

Yesterday, I ran a 5K here in my neighborhood to keep my body happy and my brain calm.

Yesterday, I texted my dad asking for good luck wishes, only to have him surprise me by texting back, "I'm in the audience." (Mom was unable to attend because of a prior obligation.)

Yesterday, my colleague, Lynn, told a crowded theater that she is glad to have me at the Large Suburban High School.

Yesterday, a Booster parent of one of my seniors, who has been in choir since junior high, looked at me and very sincerely said, "I think you are really building something great here."

Yesterday, I honored three deserving seniors with awards and one was nearly sent into a panic when she misplaced her certificate in the craziness of the concert. It meant that much to her.

Yesterday, my kids sang a beautiful concert--not without its mistakes, but definitely strong, definitely worth being proud of. (They so knew that music.)

Yesterday, I felt proud. Exhausted, emotional, and proud.

Today, I was up early again to clean up my choir room, hit the gym, etc. etc.

Today, my boss told me he really enjoyed the concert.

Today, my kids were tired, but relaxed and happy. We watched "Up" and I brought in cookies.

Today, I was able to laugh at myself for being such a stressed-out nut yesterday.

Today, my own high school music teacher clicked "like" on a Facebook post regarding the comment my Booster parent made last night.

Today, I bask in the glow of feeling successful.

Today, I roll up my sleeves and begin preparing for an even better second year.

I love my job.

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