Tuesday, April 08, 2014


This morning, I dashed, as quietly as possible, from my office to that of Lynn, the band teacher, to put something belonging to her on her desk. It was a prep period for me, but she was teaching her jazz band class, so I didn't want to disturb.

As I hopped back towards my office, her voice called out, "Hey, Megan--you want to hear our set and give us some feedback?"

"Sure," I said, and a few minutes later, I settled down on a stool to listen.

As I sat there, I got to thinking about all the years I doubted my own ear for music, how I still, more often than I should, doubt myself. And here is a really good music teacher, whose groups consistently perform well, asking my opinion on her jazz band as they get ready for a big competition this weekend. It's beyond flattering.

And you know what? I had some good feedback. Some of it was similar to what Lynn told them, but I was able to give her trumpets some advice, and reiterate that the bass couldn't be heard and needs to be, as he's the most crucial member of the rhythm section. The kids listened and nodded, respecting my opinion because their teacher does...and because I, do, too. I respect my own opinion these days, and isn't that a far cry from the last time I taught high school?

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