Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fully Charged

I just remarked on Facebook how funny it is, that for all this technology we use, and how it makes our lives easier, I'm about to embark on a four-day trip to Anaheim with my laptop and its charger, my Kindle and its charger, my iPhone and its charger (plus special plug-in for the car) and a special remote charger I bought to keep my battery powered up while I'm at Disneyland all day Saturday.

And yet, having that iPhone will be huge as I venture off to SoCal in charge of 16 teenagers. They will text me to let me know they're going from Disneyland to California Adventure. If there's any sort of problem, I'm a text or phone call away. If we don't remember exactly what exit we want before the Grapevine for gas and food, any kid in the car can look it up on Google Maps on their phone. Having my laptop means being able to upload my pics--maybe even blog them--on the evenings when we are at the hotel, but more importantly, it means checking in on my school email and having access to the emails I've saved with information regarding this trip.

(Not that I'm carrying the damned laptop everywhere all weekend. No way. It will be fine in the hotel room.)

We're ready. I was about to type, "I think we're ready," but that's my nerves talking. We are ready. I have every permission slip. I bought batteries for my camera, snacks for the long car ride, and Cali Swimmy is tucked in a pocket in my purse.

Of course he's going. He wouldn't miss it for the world. He's really hoping to meet Donald Duck.

This week has been a frenzy of last-minute details. "I need your permission slip!!" to one kid, "Don't forget the necklaces!!" to my uniform coordinators. I bought a ton of food for the trip at Target yesterday, made sure I had three scores for each song we're performing, for the judges to look at. I made sure I had my music. I photocopied permission slips so the office has them on hand, made sure I've got the cell phone numbers for the principal and one of the APs, should I need to get a hold of them.

Today, my rental car arrived at school--I thought it would arrive late in the day, but it came while my class was in session, so I had a lovely, lovely chance to come home early. I was here by 2:00, which gave me some fabulous time to sit on my butt before the packing frenzy begins. This time--oh, precious time--is wonderful because tomorrow, I'll be up at 5:00, to the school by 6:00 (Daddy, bless him, is driving me, so I was able to leave the rental at school overnight) and we'll be on the road by 7:00. It's a long drive to Anaheim.

On Friday, we'll perform at the festival. I hope we do well. I'm reminding myself that it's okay to slow down up there and take a deep breath before each song. To think about tempo, to take that moment to get my brain in gear for the next song. My kids sound great, but they need me to be calm up there, and in charge.

So it's a whirlwind weekend. Driving, singing, a bit of beach time, a lot of Disney time, then a long drive home with exhausted teenagers sleeping behind me. There will be laughter, drama (they're teenagers, I'm realistic), and memories made. There will be duck pics--I warned my students that I have a duck, he will travel, and I will photograph it. They're okay with it.

And with that, a lady must start packing.

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