Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm a few weeks into Semester 2 now, and the honeymoon is over.

Oh, it's all good. I still absolutely love working at GB and know I can do some really good things there. But January is always good for showing the little flaws, and this month, I've noticed I'm a little bit less patient with the little behaviors. I'm a little less willing to sit through a two-hour booster meeting where two factions of parents start arguing over field trip transportation. I mediate the best I can, I diplomatically let everyone have their say, and then I let them decide, because the Booster money is for them to allocate, not me (I have a student body account I'm in charge of).

I have a couple of students this semester who seem to think they'll ride out my class for an easy A...well, won't they be surprised when they find that I do, yes I do actually mark down when you're not participating. I have a little grade sheet I use and a little coding system: T for talking, P for having the phone out, NP for not participating, etc. etc. I'll be having a little chat with the biggest offenders. It will either work or it won't.

Compared to my experiences at DV eight years ago (eight years!!), this is a cakewalk. Please do not think I'm complaining--I'm doing what all teachers do, which is sighing and eye-rolling over the "teen stuff" that can crop up in this job, and doing what I can to curb it.

The school is still a great place to work. Last week, my boss told me, "You are a fit here." I fit into the school culture.

But yes, the starry-eyed honeymoon phase is past me, and that's actually a very good thing. It keeps me on my toes, makes me work harder. It makes me grow, even more, as a teacher.

I fit, and I want to stay.

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