Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #62)

It was a busy week (again) but I managed to get a few fun pics, especially today.


Sigh. I don't want to talk about it. : (

Before the big game, I dropped Mom and Dad off to catch
a bus to San Francisco, where they'd depart on a cruise
ship to Hawaii.

Cuties are SO GOOD this time of year.

That's mah boy.

Adorable new contact lenses case.

I made some cards for my Etsy shop using pics I've taken
at various California missions.

Pumpkin Butternut Squash quiche. Yes, it's marvelous.


Keeping track of my water, and drinking tons of it, like a
good girl.

Found this in my library. Don is, of course, the director of
Sac Choral. 

Ducky lip gloss.

"Whatcha doin', Mommy? Can I help? Will you cuddle
me? Why are you busy? What is so important?" 

Getting any work done when Millie decides it is time for
cuddles is...impossible.

Not particularly a fan of junk mail.

I needed a song for my guys. We went through the library
together and found this. Unanimous vote: YES. With
fake mustaches, because of course.

Currently reading. 

This is my, "It's Friday!!" face. 

I've done alright. Plugging along slowly, retaining water.

Taking care of Dad's plant. He told me, "Take care of him!"
before leaving. I said, "Him?" "Yes, him."

I got up really early on a Saturday to attend this. 

My colleague, Lynn, and her jazz band. 

Our school's combo.

I'm glad FHS named the theater after Ms. Solberg. She was
a terrific principal, and huge supporter of the music
program. She died a few years back. 

I was ready to head home, but I'm glad I stayed to see this
group, The Commanders, based out of Travis AFB. They
were awesome.

Getting ready to go for a noon concert. Packed house.

Mr. high school music teacher. I saw him earlier
this morning. He stopped, did a double-take (I've lost 90
pounds, after all) and gave me a big smile and a big hug.
"Life is good?" " is good." 

I'm glad I went to the jazz festival; it's a great event and hearing the Air Force group was a treat. It was good to see Mr. Gaesser, and Lynn thanked me for supporting her kids. Hey, I got some great music out of it.

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