Sunday, December 08, 2013

'Tis the Season To Be Social

I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

On Friday, I got home from work at about 7:00, and immediately spent two hours baking Cherry Almond cookies. Yesterday, Mom and I took them, and her batch of cheesecake cookies, to her friend Harriet's annual Christmas Cookie Exchange.

We arrived home in time for me to have about an hour to sit and relax before changing into an evening party outfit and heading out to a staff party at the home of an assistant principal.

I had a great time at both events, but of course, today, I'm wiped out! I got a few pics on Instagram, though, and thought I'd put them up here.

As Mom and I left, the clouds were coming in.

Then it started to snow!

In a perfect example of a Christmastime miracle, my hair
stayed curly all afternoon and evening.

This is about HALF of the cookies that ended up being

The view from Harriet's front window (rural Lincoln).

Clouds and snow GONE in a couple of hours.

Halfway through the staff party last night, one of our assistant principals called out, "Hey, everyone...we've got another state championship!" We'd been anxiously awaiting news of our Girl's Varsity Volleyball team, who had traveled to SoCal to play the title game. Three of our five admins went down there with them, as well as a "Rooter Bus" of students and a couple of teachers. Go GB!

So today, it's all about the Niners/Seahawks game and the case of indigestion it will no doubt give me, and tomorrow, it's back to it for another insanely busy week. Concerts all over the place!

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