Saturday, December 07, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #55)

It's beginning to look a lot like, well, you know.


"Which is prettier, Mommy? Me, or the tree?"
"You, Ms. Millie...of course."

This was one of my little decorative flourishes in the house
this year.

Put up some things in my room, of course.

Snoopy and ducks. Yup.

On Sunday, I finished all of my Christmas (and one
Hanukkah!) cards.

My card this year.

I was actually happy to get back to it on Monday. A week
off was lovely, and needed, but I love my job, too.

During the break, I dug this out of my storage unit.

A music ed degree belongs on the office wall of a music
teacher, am I right?

I brought a few little Christmas things for my desk.

Healthy lunches--curried sweet potato chowder, chicken
sausage, carrots, quiche. I had a lot of long days this week
and I'm glad I planned my food ahead.

Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium

It's pretty grand.

Staring at the ceiling.

Sometimes, a kiss is just the thing.

Stunning sunset.

I dead lifted this bad boy, after leg-pressing 180 pounds.

Then I went to school and got my Band Nerd on. All in a
day's work.

Sweater tights. No, they're not as warm as their name
implies. Those are holes.

I don't know what possessed me to take this selfie, but
I kinda love it. That's my office.

My PEST strikes again!

I put this on my board yesterday in honor of a great man.
I'm happy to report that my kids knew the basic gist of
who he was and why he is important.

Friday afternoon ennui in the office. Well, not so much
ennui as complete exhaustion.

After a long day of work (my kids sang some carols last
evening at a local church), I came home and spent two hours
making these bad boys with Mom for a cookie exchange
we're going to today.

All great bakers should wear polka dot Christmas socks.

Fresh from the oven.

Whipping up some cherry almond frosting.

Finished! They are adorable, and even better, they are
I'll take some pics at the cookie exchange this afternoon. Everyone brings really fancy cookies and Harriet, the host, does a gorgeous job hosting. She loves to entertain, and always goes all out. Mom's cheesecake cookies and my cherry almond cookies are sure to be a hit!

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