Wednesday, December 04, 2013

In With the Band Kids

This morning, after a kick-ass gym session (dead lifted 50 pounds and leg-pressed 180--Rock Star!!), I headed off to school and got clarinet.

When I first started working at GB, I told my band teacher colleague that I majored in clarinet at Chico. She was duly impressed, and invited me to sit in any time. I haven't made the time 'til now, but the band is playing Sleigh Ride in next week's concert and I haven't played it in years. I adore Sleigh Ride; it's pretty much perfect in its little sound effects, and so much fun to play.

I spent about an hour sitting with the band, and tonight, my lower lip still hurts, as well as my right thumb (where you hold the clarinet up). Still, it was great fun to pull out my neglected Buffet--sadly, I burned out in college and just haven't given it enough love since then. It reminded me that there was a time when playing clarinet was as fun as singing is these days, that there was a time I couldn't imagine ever stopping. The pressure of college-level lessons and a senior recital took some of that away, but it turns out that 35-year-old Meg jamming with a bunch of high school students can bring some of that back.

I'll have to do it again soon.

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Erik said...

Yay, Meg! I't's sometimes fun to revive those old favorites we burned out on. Way to go!