Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 5

One year ago today, I made the hardest decision ever, and I lost my naughty, incorrigible, sweetie pie Little Dude, Harley.

I still miss him.

Life moves on, by minute, by hour, by day. Pretty soon it's a week. A month.

A whole year.

Every so often, I'll be lying in bed and it will strike me how empty it feels to have my left shoulder free of 15 pounds of orange tabby boy. But my life and my heart are not empty, because I still have wonderful memories, and, even better, I still have the sweetest, sassiest torbie girl in The Whole World (that's with capital letters), Millennium Joy.

Am I thankful for my girl? You bet I am. Even after 14 years, her cuddles can turn around a bad day in the time it takes for her purr to start (which is to say, about 1/10th of a second).

Back in her kitten days--one of my favorite pics ever.

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