Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 12

Last night, before choir rehearsal, I sat in the hallway with my Kindle, reading for a bit. One of the basses I know walked by and we exchanged hellos and got to chatting. I mentioned how I am still getting used to this whole e-book phenomenon, how, as a book purist, I much prefer the feel of paper when I'm reading.

"Especially as I read in bed every night, and often read myself to sleep. It's one thing to have a paperback fall on your face when you fall asleep reading, but a Kindle..." I made a motion, as though dropping my Kindle on my nose. My fellow singer burst out laughing.

As I thought about that interaction later, I realized that often, I seem to be able to make people laugh, and I, too, am able to laugh at things. I think it's one of my greatest strengths, an ability to see the humorous side of a situation when need be, and how I can make my friends smile and laugh, even when maybe their day isn't going well.

I'm thankful to have my sense of humor. It's remained intact through everything, and kept me going.

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