Sunday, November 10, 2013

Days of Thankfulness, Day 10

Today's "thankful" post may seem a bit silly, but when you've lived through a period of unemployment, you learn what's important and what isn't. I learned that having reliable transportation is critical, especially if you need to get to a job interview that is outside of an easier distance of travel. California is not a state known for its public transportation. Having a car is almost essential.

I've had Rosie Pro, my Mazda Protege, for 10 years now. I bought her brand-new in March 2003, and as I drove her off the lot, still a little shell-shocked at my first major grown-up purchase, the song "Kissed By A Rose" came on the radio. "Rose," I said out loud to the steering wheel. "You are so a Rose!" It stuck. Later, my tendency to give "ie" names to everything (Millie, Harley, etc. etc.) surfaced and I started referring to my car as Rosie.

No matter what you call her (for some reason, I can't bring myself to refer to this car as "it"), the most important fact is that this car, with 135,000 miles on its engine, is still a rock star. If you keep up with the necessary maintenance on a car, it can last you for years, and Mazdas, especially, seem to have great track records in that regard. RoPro shows no signs of showing down, though she does rather show her battle scars with pride--a ding or two in the doors from careless people in parking lots, some scratches on the back bumper from getting somewhat violently rear-ended in 2007 (how much do I love a car that takes a hit like that and only has cosmetic damage?), and a bit of paint damage on the side mirrors.

I'm in no hurry to have car payments again, so I'll drive Rosie as long as I can, having as many adventures as possible. Rosie has lived in Washington, made many trips around gorgeous California, and seems to enjoy the ocean as much as I do. If cars could have personalities, my intrepid Protege would be unflappably calm, with just enough sassy attitude to keep everyone else on the road guessing.

So yes, I am thankful for my car. I am thankful to have reliable transportation (even though I did drop a few hundred on a new door lock actuator last week, sigh), and a car I feel safe and comfortable in.

Long live Rosie the Protege!

Ro handled the twisty-turny roads through California's redwoods like, well,
a Pro.

Near the ocean in Moss Landing, California.

The Washington plates looked good on her, but like her owner, Ro is a
California Girl at heart. This was waiting for the Coho, a ferry from Washington
to Victoria, B.C., Canada.

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