Saturday, November 09, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #51)

I'm getting to that point where I can hardly remember what happened at the beginning of the week. Having an Instagram record is helpful!


This was actually Saturday night--all that clean laundry, and
of course, that's where Millie wants to sit.

Bright and early on a Sunday morning, waiting in a
ridiculously long line to park for my 5K run.

This race was pretty special. Run Because You Can!!

Ready to run.

Finished! I save my finisher medals, even though I've no
idea what I want to do with them.

Taking life advice from chocolate.

On Monday, I wore a zebra.

Leaves and leavings (read: litter from lunch time). Ahh,
autumn at a high school.

Home from a long morning away, my cat doesn't even bother
to greet me, but goes straight for the box I carried my boots

My kids are so gonna rock this.

A bit of light reading for an online professional development
I'm taking. Oy.

Pre-dinner snack while teaching piano lessons.

Copper leaf from Canada. Gift from Mom and Dad. : )

This is why I never wear pantyhose.

Halloween clearance find that is good for year-round!

"Attention please. I want ear scratches, sweet talk, and
tuna. The tuna first. Then maybe some cuddle time."

What does a teacher do during an all-school "shelter in
place" procedure? Practice choral parts.

I wore boots four days in a row this week--four different

They're back!!!

The math teachers and counseling department combined
to make a lovely soup potluck for all teachers on Friday. I
don't know when the Performing Arts teachers have our
turn, but we have a huge act to follow! (That's pumpkin soup.)

Friday, 4:00. I left my office tidy, with two small "To Do"
stacks--the pile of sheet music can be filed by a student
librarian--on for Monday.

Gorgeous fall color right outside my choir room.

Grizzly Pride!

I had assigned duty--take tickets at the home gate for the
football game.

By 9:00 I was tired, cold and sarcastic.

Lazy Caturday? Yes. Lazy Saturday for the human? Not so
far. I've been cleaning.

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