Sunday, August 04, 2013

They Came, They Saw, They Conjugated

For the last few weeks, I had the pleasure of teaching English to a group of exchange students through Education First, a large international company that sets up summer programs for students who want to study English while visiting an English-speaking country (usually the US or England).

I was part of the Roseville ITL group (ITL meaning a group made up of kids from more than one country), with a team of five teachers, four country leaders (adults who travel from the country with the group of students, so in this case, one from Austria, one from China, one from France, and one from Germany), a program leader, and a few assorted leaders/coordinators.

It was a hectic few weeks that required a lot of schedule-maneuvering and a lot more lesson planning than I had anticipated to keep the rather dry book interesting for my students.

The kids were fantastic--respectful, bright, and able to converse about many different topics. We had some fun events, including prom, their final projects, a graduation, and a good-bye dinner on Friday night that left me feeling a bit sad that I would no longer be teaching them.

It was a great experience--I love teaching international groups and introducing them to my favorite state in the US. They enjoyed their experience and no one was ready to go home!

At the good-bye party, one of my Austrian students told me, "You made the lessons fun." I took this has a huge compliment, and I'm glad I had a positive impact on them.

Getting ready for Prom. Max (in the black t-shirt), Flo (white shirt with tie,)
and Jonas (blue shirt) were all in my group.

Tina, on the left, was one of my students.

A mix of exchange students and American teens there to help out.

Flo proved to be quite the ladies' man. The girls all loved him.

There were some cool cars and a motorcycle for the kids to pose with.

My group put together some great final projects. We chose to make
maps of the sights they'd seen.

Graduation. They loved/hated the caps. Loved for the symbolism and the
"American-ness" of them, but hated how they felt on their heads!

Tossing the caps!
I'd love to do this again next year, if I have the time--though I fear it would be impossible to have such a great group of students again!

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