Monday, August 05, 2013

Shopping Haul

On Saturday, Summer and I met up at the Factory Outlets in Vacaville, which is approximately-close-enough to halfway between Lincoln and Oakland.

I was on a mission to find some clothes for my new job--I'm absolutely determined to be the most stylishly-dressed choir teacher this school has ever seen, or something.

Since hitting goal weight last year, I have started the fun-but-pricey process of filling my closet with key staples I can wear for a long time, but when you don't work every day (or "work" is sitting next to a piano showing 6-year-olds where Middle C is), it's easy to keep the wardrobe to jeans and a few cute blouses, maybe a sundress or two.

So Saturday was all about spending--I so rarely splurge on shopping sprees anymore, but I knew, going in, that some of the money I earned in my summer job was earmarked for work clothes...and then I got to Vacaville and found some great sales.

Here's my haul...we started at Kohl's:

Sapphire Green double-pocket blouse:
Next, it was over to the Outlets, where we started off at Van Heusen.

Royal blue eyelet blouse, button-down...
a whopping $12.80. Originally $64.00.

Ribbed cardigan, 3/4 sleeves with flower details...
breaking the bank at $12.99. Originally $70.00.

For some reason, I got it in my head that I MUST have
red pants. I will wear the hell out of these...and they
were a huge splurge at...$12.99. Originally $78.00.
Yep, three really great Van Heusen items and I spent $41.83.

Next door to Van Heusen was Ann Taylor. I love Ann Taylor. I remember shopping there with a friend back in my overweight days, and being sad I couldn't wear any of it. Well, now I can. And I will, because...

White boot-cut slacks, orginally $59.99. I got them for

Cropped green pants, originally $49.99, but I paid $24.99.

After Ann Taylor, the next place I spent money at was Nine West. Because SHOES.

Brown loafer with a one-inch heel. So cute, and only $29.99.

Nude ballet flats--I adore ballet flats. $19.99.
Nine West was having a "Buy One, Get One 50% off" sale, so for two pairs of adorable shoes, I spent $43.13.

Finally, we went to Loft, an Ann Taylor affiliate.

Navy blue knit top with braid detail (pictured below).
This was a bit of a splurge, as I didn't really need more
cotton tops but fell in love with it on a mannequin. $20.99

See the little coral stars? The awesome braiding? Isn't it CUTE?

Two short-sleeved cardigans, which will be cute with
camis and accessories, $14.99 each.
It was a very successful day. I'm tempted to go to New York & Co. this week, one of my favorite stores in the local mall, where I got this adorable frock upon making goal weight last year:

I was told, by a very hot dude, that I had a "banging"
body, after he saw this picture.

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