Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #37)

I basically lived out of my car this week, between the summer job, the private lessons, setting up my new classroom, and going to the gym.


Part of my haul from a trip to Charming Charlie's a few days

Infinity bracelet

Bug earrings.

My desk, as it should be (clean).

Mom has zucchini in the garden!!


On Monday, I got into my office (just off the choir room)
and found that my predecessor was...messy.

So I started hauling stuff out of the drawers, making an
even bigger mess.

I found elevnty billion pairs of scissors.

I repurposed a frame for some Sac Choral pics.

In true Meg fashion, I made sense of the mess.

And yes, I put some Keane love on the wall.

In the end, my corner of the office (I share it with the dance
teacher) is organized and Meg-i-fied. Snoopy? Check
Keane? Check. Favorite Dr. Suess poster? Check. Pic of Millie?

On Tuesday, I tackled the file drawer. Let's just say it looked
NOTHING like this when I started.

Later, at Target, I waited a couple of minutes for these people
to realize they had a whole wide aisle blocked. I was
already cranky, because I'd lost my Mickey Mouse watch. :(

On the floor: gym bag, purse, lunch bag.
On the seat: stuff to mail, EF bag, Fusion bag.

On Wednesday, my students started working on their final
projects. Looking up landmarks they'd seen on their phones,
then drawing them by hand!

Okay, I kind of admit that I play favorites, and Jonas, a
German student was among my favorites for this Jaws alone.


Wearing my adorable purple bead infinity bracelet with
cargo pants.

Jack from China just randomly free-handing a gorgeous
Golden Gate Bridge.

This group did a map of all of California, and they took it
VERY seriously.

Tracing the state on the Smart Board (gotta love classroom

The San Francisco group's finished product.

The Los Angeles/SoCal group's finished product.

The whole-California group's finished product, complete
with Jaws.

A closeup of Jaws. The blood was my idea. The students
came up with the hands. ; )


I made a video of the projects coming can see it here


One picture today. I had some lessons, some errands, then
some serious shopping with Summer.

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