Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Send Caffeine!

Wednesday morning. I'm in the middle of a very hectic week of subbing, meetings, 12-hour days and other assorted madness. I'm in good spirits, but I also really need a nap.

Monday was Back To School Night, which went very well. From there, I drove to Sac State for the start of my third season with Sac Choral. It was great to be back, even though I was sitting there thinking, "Oh, God. I'm so tired!!"

I did an all-day sub job for an English teacher yesterday. Her prep period is the period I teach choir, so it amounted to a full day of teaching with no break. When you tack on the hours I spent teaching private lessons later, it gets exhausting.

The good news is, I'm handling it well, keeping my head up, and looking forward to the paycheck I will get with the sub money.

Besides, weekends are for relaxing...and I've got a three-day weekend coming. : )

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